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Friday, July 3, 2009

TEN YEARS AFTER / a space in time

A space in time

What sets this release apart from earlier TYA albums is the liberal use of tasty acoustic guitar

and plenty of sound effects and studio tricks that complement the overall texture. From tuning a

radio dial to open a 12-bar boogie blaster(Baby, Won't You Let Me Rock and Roll You)to

backward tape solos(Let The Sky Fall)to 50's Sci-Fi(Here They Come), Alvin Lee and Company

were in top form on this 1971 "Time Capsule". Lee also shows that he was no slouch on

harmonica as he belts out the blues harp(One Of These Days)along with the nice licks from his

trusty hot-rodded Gibson ES-335's. Lee's lyrics ran the full gamut on this collection, from

country honk(Once There Was A Time)to otherworldly beings "who fly out of the sun", and

"know everything we must learn"(Here They Come). He sings painfully about the pitfalls of drug

addiction, but optimistically about recovery(Hard Monkeys, I've Been There Too)and tells us

that he notices the World's ills but doesn't know what to do, so he "leaves it up to you"(I'd Love

to Change the World).

Leo Lyons(Bass), Chick Churchill(Keyboards)and Ric Lee(Drums)are excellent as usual. This is

the one that occupied a particular "Space in Time" for its era, and gets my vote as the best

overall TYA album due to the diversity of the material and subject matter. There's just about

something for everyone.

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antonilópez said...

Excellent albúm and very good disc. congratulations for this blog. excuse me for my speak english.