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Thursday, July 2, 2009

ROBIN TROWER / Beyond the mist

Beyond the mist

This is a long out of print 1985 Passport Records release. 2 Studio
tracks and 5 live tracks recorded at London's Marquee club in 1985.

The first 4 songs only appear on this album. Tracks 5 & 6 are live
versions of songs from the "Back It Up" album. A 10+ minute version of
Birdge Of Sighs closes the album.

Robin Trower - Beyond The Mist

Robin Trower - Guitar
Dave Bronze - Bass, Vocals
Martin Clapson - Drums


1. The Last Time 5:46
2. Keeping A Secret 4:04
3. The Voice 4:06**
4. Beyond The Mist 5:21**
5. Time Is Short 4:26**
6. Back It Up 4:47**
7. Bridge Of Sighs 10:05**

** These Songs Recorded Live April 1985

Bit rate 256 kps

LINK: beyondthemist

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