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Friday, July 10, 2009

APOPTYGMA BERZERK / sonic diary limited edition

Bonus disc

01. Mourn (Mesh Remix) (4:10)
02. Back On Track (Northern Lite Remix) (3:41)
03. Until The End Of The World (Ladytron De-Shape Remix) (4:39)
04. Deep Red (Blackmail Version) (3:23)
05. Maze (Zombie Girl Remix) (7:04)
06. Love To Blame (Sono Remix) (3:50)
07. Love To Blame (Sono Remix) (6:59)
08. Love To Blame (Pelton Trashy Remix) (3:27)
09. Tuning In The Frequency Of Your Soul (Cyberpunk Remix) (4:00)

Apoptygma Berzerk

Apoptygma Berzerk
Apoptygma Berzerk performing in Leipzig in 2004
Apoptygma Berzerk performing in Leipzig in 2004
Background information
Also known as APB, Apop
Origin Norway
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Industrial Rock
Years active 1989–present
Label(s) Columbia Records
Tatra Productions
Gun Records
Metropolis Records
Website www.apoptygmaberzerk.de
Stephan Groth
Geir Bratland
Fredrik Brarud
Angel Stengel
Anders Odden
Former members
Jon Erik Martensen
Per Aksel Lundgreen

Apoptygma Berzerk is a Norwegian musical group. They have achieved success with a unique brand of upbeat, danceable synthpop, and haunting ballads backed with electronic rhythms, winning awards and top-10 spots in Germany and Scandinavia. Apoptygma Berzerk (abbreviated to APB or Apop) has toured Europe, North America, Australia and Israel with bands such as VNV Nation, Beborn Beton and Icon of Coil.

The name "Apoptygma Berzerk" either has a secret meaning or does not mean anything, depending on which interview you read. Front-man and original member Stephan Groth claims that it was randomly picked out of a dictionaryGreek word meaning "piece of drapery"). The band's name is pronounced a-pop-tig-ma. (apoptygma being an old

The band was formed by Groth and Jon Erik Martinsen in 1989. They recorded a few demos, including Victims of Mutilation. Jon Erik left the band shortly afterwards feeling uncomfortable with the direction of the band's music.


  • Stephan Groth (Grothesk) – front-man and original member, largely responsible for the "APB sound"
  • Geir BratlandKeyboard
  • Fredrik Brarud – Drums
  • Audun Stengel (Angel) – Guitar
  • Anders OddenGuitar (rejoined the band late 2003 after having left it some years before to pursue his own musical projects)
  • Jon Erik Martensen – former member 1989–1990s and co-writer of some of Harmonizer
  • Per Aksel Lundgreen – former member and live keyboardist 1991–1994 & co-writer of "Wrack'em To Pieces" and "Electronic Warfare". Also responsible for the bands booking and promotion from 1991–1994.
  • Fredrik Darum – former member, producer, and live guitarist 1999–2001.
  • Ted Skogmann – former member, live drummer and live guitarist 1999–2002.

Other collaborators:

  • Vegard Blomberg of "View"
  • Pål Magnus Rybom of "Echo Image"
  • Jonas Groth - Stephan's brother
  • Benji Madden of "Good Charlotte"


The first two albums, Soli Deo Gloria and 7 were a similar style of electropop and EBM. Welcome to Earth included a few tracks that sound experimental, getting away from the band's roots slightly. Harmonizer featured a softer, more synthpop-oriented direction when compared to previous albums, and their 2007 album, You and Me Against the World, represented an almost complete change in style for the band. It featured a more mainstream, Indie rock-oriented sound, and the complete departure from the band's traditional electric synthpop and EBM roots that started with 7.

Many albums feature a hidden track that can be accessed by fast forwarding through many minutes of silence on the last album track. For instance, on 7, one can hear a remix of Nonstop Violence after Love Never Dies (Part II).

The band also features cover songs on several of their albums. For example, on the American version of 7 a cover of OMD's "Electricity" is featured; similarly, on Welcome to Earth, the band has a cover of Metallica's "Fade to Black". You and Me Against the World has a cover of "Cambodia" by Kim Wilde and "Shine On" by House Of Love. They have also made a cover of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence, Keane's Bend And Break, Kraftwerk's Ohm Sweet Ohm and Marilyn Manson's "Coma White". With the release of latest album Rocket Science apop still going on the rock vibe while keeping close with synthpop sound like its predecessor YAMATW. the band is currently on The Rocket Science Tour promoting the album with the track Apollo (Live On Your TV) the first single.



Full-length studio albums

Live albums

Compilation Albums


  • Ashes to Ashes 12" (1991)
  • Bitch (1993)
  • Deep Red (1994)
  • Non Stop Violence (1995)
  • Paranoia (1998)
  • Eclipse (1999)
  • Kathy's Song (2000)
  • Kathy's Song 12" I. (2000)
  • Kathy's Song 12" II. (2000)
  • Until the End of the World I. (2002)
  • Until the End of the World II. (2002)
  • Until the End of the World Vinyl (2002)
  • Suffer in Silence (2002)
  • Suffer in Silence Trance Remixes (2002)
  • Suffer in Silence 12" (2002)
  • In This Together (2005)
  • Shine On (2006)
  • Love to Blame (2006)
  • Cambodia (2006)
  • Green Queen Promo (2008)
  • Apollo (Live On Your TV) (2009)

Bit rate 320 kps

LINK: sonicdiary


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