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Thursday, March 31, 2011

IGGY POP / new values

new value

Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: newvalues

01. Tell me a story

02. New values

03. Girls

04. I'm bored

05. Don't look down

06. The endless sea

07. Five foot one

08. How do ya fix a broken par

09. Angel

10. Curiosity

11. African man

12. Billy is a runaway

13. Chains

14. Pretty flamingo


IGGY POP / naughty little doggy

naughty little doggy

Bit rate:  wma

01. I wanna live

02. Pussy walk

03. Innocent world

04. Knucklehead

05. To belong

06. Keep on believing

07. Outta my head

08. Shoeshine girl

09. Heart is saved

10. Look away


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Pendulum - original edition

Bit rate: 256 kps

LINK: pendulum

01. Pagan baby

02. Sailor's lament

03. Chameleon

04. Have you ever seen the rain

05. Hideaway

06. Born to move

07. Hey tonight

08. It's just a thought

09. Molina

10. Rude awakening, No 2


ROY BUCHANAN / Roy Buchanan

Roy Buchanan

Bit rate: 168 kps


01 - Sweet Dreams
02 - I am a lonesome fugitive
03 - Cajun
04 - John's blues
05 - Haunted house
06 - Pete's blues
07 - The messiah will come again
08 - Hey, good lookin'


ROY BUCHANAN / that why i am here for

That why i am here for. 1974

Bit rate: 192 kps

LINK: thatwhyiamherefor

01 - My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me
02 - Hey Joe
03 - Home Is Where I Lost Her
04 - Rodney's Song
05 - That's What I Am Here For
06 - Roy's Bluz
07 - Voices
08 - Please Don't Turn Me Away
09 - Nephesh


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ROY BUCHANAN / when a guitar plays the blues

when a guitar plays the blues

Bit rate: 256 kps

LINK: whenaguitarplaystheblues

01 - When A Guitar Plays The Blues
02 - Chicago Smokeshop
03 - Mrs Pressure
04 - A Nickel And A Nail
05 - Short Fuse
06 - Why Don't You Want Me
07 - Country Boy
08 - Sneaking Godzilla Through The Alley
09 - Hawaiian Punch


A fine album by Roy Buchanan, a guitar hero who never quite made the big time. Exquisitely produced by Alligator Records, Roy gets a chance to stretch out and show what he can do with a guitar. On the opening track, he tries to make his guitar sound like a church organ, it seems, and he almost pulls it off ! The one thing about Roy Buchanan is his singing voice : it just doesn't do the trick. Often he just seems to say the lyrics as opposed to sing them. He brings in a couple of guests to sing on a few tracks, and these add further to the unease about Roy's own voice. His guitar playing is tops, though ! Listen to tracks like "Mrs. Pressure" (his former guitar teacher ! What's in a name ?) or "Sneaking Godzilla through the alley" (great title !) and be convinced. This is the first of 3 albums Roy made for Alligator, and they seemed to set him on the track to greater recognition. Sadly, though, all came to an end when he was arrested one night for being drunk in a public place and took his own life in his cell. A sad end to a great guitar-player's life.


Roy Buchanan was one of the best axe slingers of all time.Why he never got the reconition he truly deserved is beyond comprehension.I've had this album for a couple of years,and it sounds as fresh today as it did when i first bought it.From the title track (When a guitar plays the blues),to the last song on the album (hawaiian punch).this album is great.Being the first album that ROY produced and mixed himself,he said it felt like it was his first recod.And in his own words,this album is really me.he also thought this was the best album he had ever released.If you like great blues then this is a must own album.


ROY BUCHANAN / live stock

Live stock

Bit rate 192 kps

LINK: livestock

01. I am a ram

02. Reelin' and rockin'

03. Hot cha

04. Further on the road

05. Roy's bluz

06. Can I change my mind

07. I'm evil

First Comment:

I will never forget the first time I saw Roy Buchanan live. In 1976, at Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom in Atlanta GA, Roy played 4 nights in a row,Wed. thru Sat. There were 2 sets each night. Roy played his first sets from about 10 until midnight, and the 2d from 2 to 4a.m. Bugs Henderson (!) was the opening act. I was there for every string-bending, chicken-picking, volume-swelling, steel-imitating, tube-frying minute. I was dumbfounded. I have been a serious guitar player for 30 years. Let me tell you, there are very few electric players in his league. As much as I love Eric Clapton, Roy was in a different category. His technique and unbelieveable depth of emotion were astonishing. More comparable players who were influenced by Roy are people like Arlen Roth, Danny Gatton, Eric Johnson and David Grissom. "Live Stock" is a great-sounding record that captures the essence of Roy. Favorite tracks are the sweet-soul "Can I Change My Mind", and instrumental "Hot-Cha". Don't worry about Billy Price's singing, he sounds great. If you like ANY kind of emotional electric guitar playing, you will be in bliss when you hear Roy. Thank me later.

Second Comment:

"Can we have a warm New York welcome please for Mr Roy Buchanan". So begins the best live album from any artist of any musical discipline I've heard. Roy's technical skills are legendary and, on this record, probably displayed to best effect on Roy's Bluz, surely the most searing live blues guitar performance ever committed to vinyl. But the sweet, smooth-as-silk white blues of Can I Change My Mind is probably my favourite. Many of my friends have been turned onto Roy from listening to this album. This album has been part of the soundtrack of my life for the past 24 years. An added bonus is that I live just a few minutes from the butcher shop shown on the front cover! Long live King Roy.


ROY BUCHANAN / second album

Second album

Bit rate: 192 kps

LINK: secondalbum

01 - Filthy Teddy
02 - After Hours
03 - Five String Blues
04 - Thank You Lord
05 - Treat Her Right
06 - I Won't Tell You No Lies
07 - Tribute To Elmore James
08 - She Once Lived Here

I just received this album two days ago. I bought it in spite of the one negative review that said the sound quality was poor and I'm glad I did! This is not a remastered version of these two albums, but in my estimation the sound quality is excellent considering that this music was recorded in the earley '70's. Roy Buchanan was one of the most expressive guitar players ever. Listening to him is like listening to a conversation without words. The message comes through loud and clear. These are perhaps his two best albums and I heartily recommend them. The second album by itself is almost impossible to find. The two together is a sonic revelation!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ROY BUCHANAN / sweet dreams

Roy Buchanan sweet dreams

bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: sweetdreams




Robin Trower - Bridge of sighs 1013

Robin Trower - Back it up 386

John Mayall - Jazz n blue fusion 374

J.Mayall & bluesbrakers - bluesbraking 506

Jethro Tull - Thick as a brick 379

Jethro Tull - Aqualung 366

Peter Murphy - Wild birds 372

Robin Trower is one of my preferred with Peter Murphy as well, of course i like Aqualung and Mayall as well. Hope you will like this amazing Roy Buchanan as well.