I start to re-upload all of them plus some new one now in January 2013. Every thing before that date as been deleted by the authority. Enjoy the music and if you like a band just buy it at your music store.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, it's time again for another Roddus Music Sampler. Back in the late 90's when I bought my first computer, the MP3 music file format was pretty new to the world and I embraced it wholeheartedly because there were all these sites where I could get free music legally. Two sites I used regulary were MP3.com, before it was sold and all the music files deleted, and the other was Epitoinc.com. These sites had music posted by the bands themselves to get their music to people who would not normally find it. There are still sites around that do this and on the whole the music ain't that good. But over the years I managed to collect a small archive of offbeat and very cool tracks that I found on these sites. The following Sampler is all the best legal songs I got from these sites , the many hundreds of others I had weren't worth keeping. Some of the stand outs here are the rythmically bizzare "Reverie"(Vas Deferends Organisation), The Awesome "In Metal"(Low), the industrial ambiance of Lustmord and the truly Magnificant post Punk of "Static"(The Standard). Over the Years I have found albums by several of these artists, but the rarest of them all appears to be "Prismatism", an avant guarde Jazz piano group, whom I cannot find a scrap of evidence that they even existed at all, apart from this very cool track here. Enjoy.

LINK: roddus

01. In Metal - Low (4:19)

02. Bloodgrass - Nectar (8:06)

03. Chickin - Kozo (6:08)

04. Killabite Vol 2 - Killabite (3:55)

05. Swinging Millie - Ian Simmons (6:58)

06. I-75 Boogie - Souldad Brothers (2:46)

07. Pyre (Necro Christi) - Lustmord (6:05)

08. Geological Lust - The Causey Way (3:13)

09. Static - The Standard (2:20)

10. Red Alert - Agent 51 (2:38)

11. Les Cygnes Elephants - Alain Jamot (3:37)

12. Chrash My Car - Women Of Sodom (3:20)

13. Bottle Rocket - Gretchen Lieberum (3:47)

14. Coffie & Pepto - HB Radke & The Jet City Swinge (2:51)

15. Spectular - Insurge (5:59)

16. Not Necessarily - Market (4:40)

17. To Be In Love - Masters At Work (6:22)

18. Part Of You - Blectum from Belchdom (4:01)

19. Reverie - Vas Deferends Organization (3:46)

20. Tarsal Tap - Prismaticism (5:04)

21. The Great Space Polka - The Woody Gutherie Time Warp (6:45)

22. Buckets Of Beer - The Tossers (2:18)


MODELS - media

Models - Media
(Mushroom Records, 1986)

Bit rate 192 kps

LINK: media

Let's Kiss
Hold On
Beast O' Mine
Shootin' Train
Build It Up
Bitter Years
Sky Went Grey
I Had A Premonition

The Models

The Models
Also known as Models
Origin Harrow, London, England
Genres Punk
Years active c. 1977–c.1978
Labels Step Forward
Associated acts Siouxsie & the Banshees, Rema-Rema, Adam Ant, Adam and the Ants, Mass, The Wolfgang Press
Former members
Cliff Fox
Marco Pirroni
Mick Allen
Terry Day

The Models (credited also as Models) was a short-lived punk band formed in Harrow, London, England. It consisted in Cliff Fox on vocals and guitar, Marco Pirroni on guitar, Mick Allen on bass and Terry Day on drums.

Pirroni and Allen befriended while attending art school in Harrow. When punk emerged in 1976, the first formed Siouxsie & the Banshees, playing guitar, although for brief time. Shortly after that, he and Allen formed a band called The Beastly Cads, who later changed their name to The Models.[1] The band only released one single Freeze and recorded four songs in the Peel Sessions, before dissolving. Later, Pirroni and Allen formed Rema-Rema, a post-punk band.

Pirroni later reteamed up with Terry Day, who since then was named Terry Lee Miall, in Adam and the Ants, beginning to work alongside that band's singer and frontman, Adam Ant. Allen went on to other projects, the longest running being The Wolfgang Press on the influential British record label 4AD. After the demise of the band he paired up with Giuseppe De Bellis, to form the experiment project Geniuser.


REAL LIFE - flame

(Wheatley, 1985)

Bit rate 192 kps

LINK: flame

No Shame
Face To Face
One Blind Love
The Longest Day
I Wish
The Legend
Take My Breath Away
Let's Fall In Love

Real Life (band)

Real Life
Origin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Genres New Wave
Years active 1980–present
Labels A Different Drum
Website Official website
Former members
see Members list

Real Life is a Melbourne-based Australian New Wave band that had hits with its debut single, "Send Me an Angel" (1983) and with "Catch Me, I'm Falling" (1984), both of which were featured on the band's debut album Heartland (1983).


The band originally consisted of David Sterry (lead vocals and guitar), Richard Zatorski (violin and keyboard), Alan Johnson (bass) and Danny Simcic (drums). Steve Williams (keyboard) replaced Zatorski in 1986, who was then replaced by George Pappas in 1996 after a long hiatus of band activity.

Real Life released their second and final album with the original lineup in 1985 titled Flame, which spawned minor hits "One Blind Love" and "Face To Face", although neither the album nor the singles repeated their previous success. The first single, "No Shame", failed to chart; a video was shot for the second single "Face to Face" and it got airplay in Australia but nothing in the way of success. In 1986, they recorded the controversial song "Babies", which was even less successful, for a new North American release Down Comes the Hammer. "Babies" was the first new recording by the band that was not written by David Sterry and Zatorski. There were two other new songs and a re-mix of "Send Me an Angel". This was to be the first of three best-of albums after the band had only recordedstudio LPs. Zatorski left the band due to management pressure and attended law school and is now a practising lawyer in Melbourne. two

At some stage Zatorski formed a new band called Zatorski, and recorded an updated version of "Send Me an Angel". In 1989 Real Life released a new version of "Send me an Angel", titled "Send Me an Angel '89", which fared slightly better than the original in the United States. The video for the 1989 version was identical to the original except Zatorski was edited out of all shots. The Australian video of "Send Me An Angel '89" was shot in Ormond College, The University of Melbourne, with Steve Williams on keyboard. In 1990, they released Lifetime, their first album of all-new material in five years, which spawned minor hits with "God Tonight" and "Kiss The Ground".

Steve Williams (keyboard) was the post-Zatorski musician and was followed by George Pappas. A falling-out occurred between Sterry and the remaining two original members Simcic and Johnson.

In 1998, they released Happy, which was followed in 2004 by Imperfection, this time featuring only David Sterry and George Pappas. In November 2005, Pappas announced his departure from the band. Sterry has continued to carry the band name on his own. In 2004 toured the West coast of the U.S. to promote the album Imperfection with additional member Scott Ingram on drums. For this tour the band consisted of David Sterry, George Pappas and Scott Ingram.

In 2006, a new album of new mixes, Send Me an Angel, was released, bringing the total number of versions of the song to approximately seventeen, including:

  • 1983: the original recording
  • 1983: the extended version
  • 1986: Down Comes the Hammer version
  • 1989: four versions in remix form on the "Send Me an Angel 89" single
  • 2006: ten versions in remix form on the Send Me an Angel album which has the same cover as the 2004 release Send Me an Angel - Real Life's Greatest Hits, which has two 1989 versions of the song.

In spring 2008, Real Life (David Sterry) performed live for the first time in the Philippines along with When in Rome (band) and A Flock of Seagulls as part of the Lost 80's Tour in Manila.

Also in 2008, George Pappas released his debut solo album Don't Open Till Doomsday under the artist name of Alien Skin.

"Send Me an Angel" is often referred to as a Pet Shop Boys song, due to it being mislabeled on a widely downloaded Napster MP3. Many online lyrics websites therefore erroneously credit "Send Me an Angel" to the Pet Shop Boys, when it is, of course, by Real Life.[citation needed]



  • 1983 — Heartland
  • 1985 — Flame
  • 1986 — Down Comes the Hammer
  • 1989 — Best of Real Life: Send Me An Angel
  • 1989 — Let's Fall In Love
  • 1990 — Lifetime
  • 1997 — Happy
  • 1999 — Happier
  • 2003 — Imperfection
  • 2004 — Imperfection (US version released with additional remix CD)


Year Song ARIA Singles Chart RIANZ Singles Chart US Hot 100 Canadian Singles Chart German Singles Chart Austrian Singles Chart Swiss Singles Chart Spanish Record Charts Swedish Radio Chart US Modern Rock US Dance Album
1983 Send Me an Angel 6 1 29 18 1 9 2 19 4 - 54 Heartland
1984 Catch Me I'm Falling 8 - 40 - 9 - 12 - - -
1985 Face to Face 32 - - - 52 - - - - - Flame
1989 Send Me an Angel '89 51 22 26 - - - - - - 5 Best of Real Life
Let's Fall in Love/Bleeding Babies - - - - - - - - - 21 Let's Fall In Love
1990 God Tonight 47 - - - - - - - 15 9 Lifetime
1991 Kiss the Ground - - - - - - - - - 27

Cover versions

"Send Me an Angel" has been covered by various artists including:


The song "Send Me an Angel" was featured in the movie RAD. It was played when the two main characters of the movie, Cru and Christian, were performing a freestyle dance with BMX bikes. It was also featured in the film The Wizard.

Send Me an Angel was used in the unsuccessful sequel movie, Teenwolf Too that starred Jason Bateman as Todd Howard (the cousin of Scott Howard, Michael J Fox's character in the first movie).

The song was also used in the Negavision HQ fandub of Sailor Moon Stars for when Eternal Sailor Moon uses her powers to heal people.


JAMES REYNE - hard reyne 1989

Hard Reyne

bit rate 320kps

LINK: hardreyne

After the Australian Craw in 1986, James Reyne spent some time in the United States and Europe, before returning to Australia in 1988 To launch his first self-titled solo album went triple platinum and included three top 10 singles. In 1989 James released "Hard Reyne" which contained the hits "One More River" and House Of Cards". Its a well worn LP rip with a few skips.

1 House Of Cards
2 Rumour
3 No Such Thing As Love
4 One More River
5 Shine On
6 Harvest Moon
7 Lamp Of Heaven
8 Drifting Away (Confusion Of Slow Novas)
9 Trouble In Paradise
10 Five Miles Closer To The Sun
11 Wake Up Dead Man

James Reyne

James Reyne

James Reyne The Corner Hotel
Melbourne June 2008
Courtesy Mandy Hall
Background information
Birth name James Michael Nugent Reyne
Born 19 May 1957 (age 52)
Lagos, Nigeria
Origin Australia
Genres Rock
Occupations Musician, Singer-Songwriter,
Instruments Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Harmonica
Years active 1975-current
Labels EMI
Associated acts Spiff Rouch, Clutch Cargo, Australian Crawl
Website Official Website

James Reyne (born James Michael Nugent Reyne on 19 May 1957 in Lagos, Nigeria) is an Australian rock musician and singer/songwriter both as a member of the iconic 1980s band Australian Crawl and solo work.

Early years

Born in Nigeria to an Australian mother and English diplomat father, the Reynes moved to Victoria, Australia in the early 1960s. Reyne lived in Mt. Eliza, Victoria, was educated at The Peninsula School and then went on to study drama at the Victorian College of Arts. He formed a band called Spiff Rouch containing fellow locals Bill McDonough, Guy McDonough, Brad Robinson, Paul Williams, Robert Walker, Mark Hudson and Simon Binks.By early 1978, Spiff Rouch had split with Reyne forming Clutch Cargo with Binks, Robinson, Williams and his younger brother David Reyne.

Australian Crawl

In late 1978, Clutch Cargo was renamed Australian Crawl and started to gain popularity on the pub circuit. David Reyne left to continue an acting course and was replaced by Bill McDonough.[4] Australian Crawl made a memorable debut on popular music TV series Countdown. Reyne performed with both arms in plaster casts, a result of injuries sustained after being hit by a car. The band went on to sell more than 1 million albums in Australia in the 1980s, creating several memorable songs that still resonate within Australian culture and on Australian radio today. Their most popular songs are "Reckless", "Beautiful People", "Errol", "The Boys Light Up", "Things Don't Seem", "Oh No Not You Again" and "Downhearted".[5] They were voted Countdown 1981 Most Popular Group and Reyne was 1980 and 1981 Most Popular Male Performer. After the band split up in 1986, Reyne went on to a successful solo career.

Solo career

Whilst still with the Crawl, Reyne formed a duet with Lin Buckfield of Electric Pandas to release a 1985 single "R.O.C.K." / "Under My Thumb". In 1987, Reyne released his self titled debut solo album. After subsequently releasing the hit single "Motors Too Fast", which reached #6 on the Australian charts, the album was re-packaged with "Motors Too Fast" replacing the song "Coin in A Plate" which had appeared on the original version. Ultimately the debut album would spawn 6 hit singles. His debut was followed, in 1989, by his next solo release Hard Reyne which featured the hits "House of Cards" and "One More River". The album was launched with a live televised performance on Australia's MTV program on the Nine Network and an Australian Tour. In 1991 Electric Digger Dandy was released. Mindful of the American market (where the album was released under the title of "Any Day Above Ground"), Electric Digger Dandy included a re-vamped version of the Australian Crawl hit "Reckless" as well as a cover of John Hiatt's "Stood Up". Singles off that album included "Slave", "Any Day Above Ground" and "Some People". In 1992 he recorded a duet with country singer James Blundell (a cover of the The Dingoes song, Way Out West). It hit #2 on the Australian charts - still James' biggest solo single. Later that year he joined former Sherbet frontman Daryl Braithwaite, Jef Scott and Simon Hussey to create the album Company of Strangers - an album that spawned four Top 100 singles. All three of these releases went platinum multiple times and contained several top 10 hits. These included Motor City (I Get Lost), Sweet Love, Daddy's Gonna Make You A Star and Baby You're A Rich Man. 1994 saw the release of James' critically acclaimed fourth album - The Whiff Of Bedlam, recorded in Los AngelesStewart Levine and including the single "Red Light Avenue", "Day In The Sun" and "It's Only Natural". This was followed in 1999 with the critically acclaimed Design For Living, which featured the sleeper gems "Reno", "Little Criminals" and "Stranger Than Fiction." Mostly recorded with friend and producer Scott Kingman at his studio in Melbourne. with

In 1999, he was one of many guest performers on John Farnham's "I Can't Believe He's 50 Tour". His duet with Farnham, "Don't You Know It's Magic", can be heard on John Farnham's "Live At The Regent Theatre" album.


After a few years' break between studio albums, Reyne released Design For LivingSpeedboats for Breakfast, which included the single "Bug". This was followed in 2005 by the album ...And The Horse You Rode In On, which contained acoustic reworkings of some of best-known solo and Australian Crawl compositions. In late 2004, Australian dance producers Smash 'n' Grab remixed Australian Crawl's "Reckless", and Reyne scored a minor dance hit with the song "She Don't Like That". in 1999. In 2004 he released

Reyne hosted Dig, a music show on ABC2, and made an appearance on The AFL Footy Show in Melbourne in 2006. However, Dig was removed from ABC2's line-up due to budget cuts in 2007.

In May 2007, James Reyne released a new studio album, Every Man a King, which features the singles "Light in the Tunnel" and "Little Man You've Had a Busy Day."

A second acoustic album, titled Ghost Ships, was released early October, 2007, taking Reyne's releases to four albums in four years - his most prolific period in recent times. This will be increased early in December when his first live DVD - James Reyne One Night in Melbourne, is released.

Acting career

Reyne has remained a constant in the Australian music scene. Mixing music with acting, he appeared in the TV drama Return to Eden as well as several other productions. He also played Tina Turner's manager in the 1993 bio-movie about Tina's life What's Love Got To Do With It. In 2005 Reyne appeared as a guest actor of the telemovie The Post Card Bandit.

Personal life

Reyne is the older brother of David Reyne 1980s drummer (Australian Crawl, Cats Under Pressure, Chantoozies), actor and television presenter. Their younger sister Elisabeth was also involved in the music industry, she produced Daryl Braithwaite's 1991 album Higher Than Hope. James Reyne is the father of TV soapie Neighbours actor Jaime-Robbie Reyne. Reyne lives on the Mornington Peninsula with his partner, Tina, and a daughter.

Singles Discography

Year Single Chart Positions
1985 R.O.C.K. (with Lin Buckfield) 44
1987 Fall of Rome 5
Hammerhead 8
Rip It Up 34
1988 Heaven on a Stick 59
Motor's Too Fast 6
Always The Way 72
1989 Trouble In Paradise 72
House of Cards 17
One More River 22
Trouble In Paradise 72
1991 Slave 10
Any Day Above Ground 67
1992 Some People 92
Way Out West (with James Blundell) 2
1994 Red Light Avenue 32
1995 Day In The Sun 86


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DD Smash the optimist 1984

The optimist 1984

Bit rate 128kps


Continuing with the Dave Dobbyn theme, the release of THE OPTIMIST spawned two hit singles 'Whaling'. and 'Magic (What She Do)', it was to be the last album by DD SMASH before Dobbyn started off on his solo career

1.Magic What She Do
2.The Optimist
4.She Loves Me Back
7.Open Up
8.What A Day
9.Don't Give Up
10.Guilty Through Neglect
11.Tobacco Indian

Thanks to Tim CD @ 128

DD Smash

DD Smash
Origin New Zealand
Years active 1980-1986
Former members
Dave Dobbyn
Peter Warren
Rob Guy (Revox)
Lisle Kinney

DD Smash was a New Zealand pop/rock band formed by Dave Dobbyn after the breakup of Th'Dudes.


Members included Dave Dobbyn (guitar, vocals, songwriter), Peter (Rooda) Warren (drums), Rob Guy (Revox) (guitar), both formerly of Lip Service , and Lisle Kinney (bass guitar), formerly of Hello Sailor.


Originally formed in New Zealand, the band was resident in Australia for much of its existence.


DD Smash, mainly based around Dave Dobbyn as the main songwriter, also helped by being the frontman for the band, produced some of New Zealand's most iconic hits including the show starter "Devil You Know", "Outlook For Thursday" and the more 80's sounding "Magic (What She Do)".


"By late '81, DD Smash signed a recording deal and immediately set about recording their debut album, with Ian Morris in the producer's chair.

DD Smash released their debut album in 1982. Titled 'Cool Bananas' it debuted in the national chart at #1, an historic first. It remained in the chart for 24 weeks and became triple gold. The album's biggest hit was 'Devil You Know.' In '82 the 'Top Male Vocalist' award was won by Dobbyn, 'Top Group' went to DD Smash; 'Cool Bananas' won 'Album of the Year,' Ian Morris got 'Producer of the Year' for it, and the album even won 'Engineer of the Year' and 'Best Sleeve Design.'" r "Devil You Know", "Outlook For Thursday" and the more 80's sounding "Magic (What She Do)".


DD Smash split during the 1980s when Dave Dobbyn began recording by himself. From there he went to work on the Footrot Flats movie soundtrack. Many of the band members became involved with 'DD' over the years, with drummer Peter 'Rooda' Warren becoming Dave Dobbyn's drummer for the next few years, until he was asked to leave under unclear circumstances; both parties stick to the "musical differences" story.


Date Title Label Charted Country Catalog Number
1982 Cool Bananas Mushroom #1 Gold x 3 (NZ) L-37832
1983 Deep in the Heart of Taxes
- - -
1984 The Optimist
- - -
Year Single Album Charted Certification
1982 "Devil You Know" Cool Bananas - -
1983 "Outlook for Thursday" Deep in the heart of Texas - -
1984 "Whaling" The Optimist - -
"Magic (What She Do)" - -

See also


VITA BEATS - spot the spanner 1985

Spot the spanner 1985

bit rate 320kps

LINK: spotthespanner

The Vita Beats received lots of air play on JJJ for their single "Boom Box" , I'm pretty sure it was also used to promote Beatbox, a Saturday morning music video show on ABC tv.

Vocals - Lissa Mendelsohn Barnum
Guitar synth, Drum & Bass programs - Ken francis
Rhythum Guitar - Andrew Barnum
More Drum & Bass Programs - Paul Dengate
Multi keyboards - Rick Chadwick
More Keyboards & programing - Sam McNally
Bass Guitar - Clive Harrison
Percussion - Sunil De Silva
Acoustic Drums Malcolm Fogg

01 Audrey
02 Boom Box
03 Build It Right
04 Difficult ideas
05 Disposable love
06 Duty To Dance
07 Hold Me Up
08 Jungle Rodeo
09 Maximum Dag Unrule
10 Meteorite
11 Red Brick House
12 Savages


THE PLUMS - gun1994

Gun 1994

bit rate: 320kps

LINK: The plums

Highly recommended. Thank Ausrock.

Formed in Melbourne in 1990 and received some airplay on JJJ, before vocalist Caroline Kennedy moved onto form Deadstar

1. Gun
2. All the Way Back
3. Baby
4. Find This Anywhere
5. Is It the Way
6. Pretty Face
7. Frame Eye
8. Axeman
9. Why Don't You Say
10. The Trip
11. When You Come Over

The Plums

Formed in 1992 The Plums were an independent four-piece group based around the songwriting of Caroline Kennedy and guitarist Steve Moffat. The epic effected guitars, driving drums of Shamus Goble and inventive melodic bass of Pete McCracken supported the sweetly leftist delivery of Kennedy. Influenced as much by Sonic Youth as The Sundays, the band were fiercely independent and subcultural, despite their pop sound. Live, the band were unpredictable and patchy, with flashes of brilliance.

The band were signed to Mushroom’s temptation label soon after they recorded their first ep ‘Au Revoir Sex Kitten’. They went on to record an ep ‘Read All Over’, followed by an album ‘Gun’ which was picked up and played by national broadcaster JJJ. Their last recording was an ep ‘Heavenly’, which was released as the band broke up.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Roddus music sampler volume 12

Johny was


01. Handsome Johnny - Ritchie Havens (5:74)
02. Johnny Funk - Chas Jankel (4:59)
03. Johnnu I Hardly Knew Ye - Jannis Ian (2:09)
04. Johnny Hit And Run Pauline - X (2:49)
05. Come Back Jonee - Devo (3:48)
06. Johnny Was A Good Boy - The Mystery Trend (2:37)
07. Johnny Was - Stiff Little Fingers (8:14)
08. Johnny - Salmonella Dub (3:41)
09. Johnny Won't Get To Heaven - The Killjoys (2:41)
10. Johnny No - The Primitives (3:09)
11. Johnny Too Bad - The Slickers (2:41)
12. Little Johnny Hooker - Grand Funk Railroad (5:00)
13. Johnnys Garden - Stephen Stills & Manassas (2:45)
14. Johnny One Note - Anita O'Day (1:53)
15. Johnny Heart - Woodie Guthrie (2:30)
16. Bye Bye Johnny - Regents (2:14)
17. Here's Johnny - Hocus Pocus (3:03)
18. Funky John - Johnny Cameron & The Camerons (2:48)