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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, it's time again for another Roddus Music Sampler. Back in the late 90's when I bought my first computer, the MP3 music file format was pretty new to the world and I embraced it wholeheartedly because there were all these sites where I could get free music legally. Two sites I used regulary were MP3.com, before it was sold and all the music files deleted, and the other was Epitoinc.com. These sites had music posted by the bands themselves to get their music to people who would not normally find it. There are still sites around that do this and on the whole the music ain't that good. But over the years I managed to collect a small archive of offbeat and very cool tracks that I found on these sites. The following Sampler is all the best legal songs I got from these sites , the many hundreds of others I had weren't worth keeping. Some of the stand outs here are the rythmically bizzare "Reverie"(Vas Deferends Organisation), The Awesome "In Metal"(Low), the industrial ambiance of Lustmord and the truly Magnificant post Punk of "Static"(The Standard). Over the Years I have found albums by several of these artists, but the rarest of them all appears to be "Prismatism", an avant guarde Jazz piano group, whom I cannot find a scrap of evidence that they even existed at all, apart from this very cool track here. Enjoy.

LINK: roddus

01. In Metal - Low (4:19)

02. Bloodgrass - Nectar (8:06)

03. Chickin - Kozo (6:08)

04. Killabite Vol 2 - Killabite (3:55)

05. Swinging Millie - Ian Simmons (6:58)

06. I-75 Boogie - Souldad Brothers (2:46)

07. Pyre (Necro Christi) - Lustmord (6:05)

08. Geological Lust - The Causey Way (3:13)

09. Static - The Standard (2:20)

10. Red Alert - Agent 51 (2:38)

11. Les Cygnes Elephants - Alain Jamot (3:37)

12. Chrash My Car - Women Of Sodom (3:20)

13. Bottle Rocket - Gretchen Lieberum (3:47)

14. Coffie & Pepto - HB Radke & The Jet City Swinge (2:51)

15. Spectular - Insurge (5:59)

16. Not Necessarily - Market (4:40)

17. To Be In Love - Masters At Work (6:22)

18. Part Of You - Blectum from Belchdom (4:01)

19. Reverie - Vas Deferends Organization (3:46)

20. Tarsal Tap - Prismaticism (5:04)

21. The Great Space Polka - The Woody Gutherie Time Warp (6:45)

22. Buckets Of Beer - The Tossers (2:18)


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