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Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gong / Flying tea pot

LINK: flying tea pot

01. Radio gnome invisible
02. Flying tea pot
03. The pot head Pixie
04. The octave doctors and the crystal machine
05. Zero the hero and the witch's spell
06. Witch's song i am your pussy

Monday, March 18, 2013

MORPHINE / bootleg Detroit

Bootleg Detroit.

1. Intro
2. Come Along
3. Dana Intro
4. Mary
5. Banter #1
6. Candy
7. Sheila
8. Billy Intro
9. Claire
10. My Brain
11. Banter #2
12. Head With Wings
13. Cure For Pain
14. You Speak My Language
15. Thursday
16. Banter #3
17. You Look Like Rain
18. Buena


Editorial Reviews

Not only is Bootleg Detroit an aptly named live album, it's also an
atypical one. For this, "the only official live release of Morphine,
" Rykodisc has released a low-fidelity recording made by an audience
member during the band's Cure for Pain tour in 1994. Although the
recording was mastered by frontman Mark Sandman before his onstage
death in 1999, the sound quality never rises above that of your average
bootleg. The drum sound echoes, and the baritone sax and bass are
muddy. However, Sandman's dry voice shines through fairly well.
The total package is somewhat voyeuristic, as if Bootleg Detroit
were meant to sound like putting an ear up against the outside of a
theater. For those who never got the chance to see Morphine's amazing
live show, this is, sadly, as close as one can get. Yet even under the
aural murk, the band's sexy and sulky low rock is spellbinding. --
Jason Josephes

Despite the implied illegality of the album title, Bootleg Detroit is a
far cry from the sort of sonically-dodgy audio contraband one would
expect to pick up at a record fair. An officially sanctioned, high-
quality audience recording taken from a date on Morphine's Cure for
Pain tour in March 1994, the tapes were mixed and edited by beat-poet
band leader Mark Sandman only weeks before his fatal heart attack on
stage in Italy, July 1999. Regrettably then, given the untimely demise
of this truly ground-breaking combo, Bootleg Detroit now stands as an
item of nostalgia. A grainy, black and whitemore… snapshot of the
swarthy Bostonian minimalists (Sandman's smooth vocal sulk and
elasticated two-string slide bass, drummer Billy Conway's swinging
percussion, Dana Colley simultaneously honking away on the baritone
and tenor saxes like a choir of traffic-jam car horns ) in all their
early jazz-hued, sexily low-rent rock & roll glory. Imagine John
Coltrane meeting the darkness of Joy Division via the street-wise suss
of Lou Reed. Completists note; the album contains a brace of previously
unreleased tracks in "Come Along" and the spoken word "My Brain", plus
video footage of Morphine performing two songs at the 1995 Montreux
Jazz Festival. --Kevin Maidment.

A pesar de la ilegalidad implํcita del tํtulo de แlbum, Destile
clandestinamente Detroit es un grito lejano de la clase del contrabando
de audio sonically-incierto que uno esperarํa recoger en una feria de
Una grabaci๓n de auditorio oficialmente sancionada, de alta calidad
tomada de una fecha en la Cura de la Morfina para el viaje de Dolor en
el marzo de 1994, las cintas fueron mezcladas y corregidas por el Ser
imaginario del sue๑o de lํder de cinta de poeta del latido Mark s๓lo
semanas antes de su ataque cardํaco fatal en la etapa en Italia, julio
de 1999. Desgraciadamente entonces, considerando el fallecimiento
inoportuno de este grupo que rompe tierra realmente, Destile
clandestinamente Detroit ahora estแ de pie como un artํculo de
nostalgia. Un granulado, negro y whitemore … foto de los minimalistas
Bostonian morenos (la murria vocal lisa del Ser imaginario del sue๑o y
bajo de diapositiva de dos cuerdas elasticated, la percusi๓n
balanceadora del tambor Billy Conway, Dana Colley simultแneamente
graznando lejos en el barํtono y saxofones de tenor como un coro de
claxones de atasco) en todo su jazz-hued temprano, sexily roca baja y
de alquiler y gloria de rollo.

Imagine que John Coltrane que encuentra la oscuridad de la Divisi๓n de
Alegrํa vํa el pํcaro investiga de Lou Reed. Nota de Completists; el
แlbum contiene una abrazadera de pistas antes no liberadas en "Venido"
y la palabra dicha "Mi Cerebro", mแs el metraje de vํdeo de la Morfina
realizando dos canciones en el Festival de Jazz de Montreux 1995. -
Kevin Maidment.

Bit rate 192kps.

LINK: bootlegdetroit


GONG / camenbert electrique

Camenbert electrique

Bit rate: 160 kps

LINK: camenbertelectrique

PASSWORD: chivo987


Elvis Costello / Washington dc

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

LINK: Washington DC live

Title: ( Washington DC 1978 )
Format: CD – R Audio - Total Time 61:11
Source:  WHFS-FM Radio Broadcast From The Warner Theater, Washington DC 28th Feb1978

1.Pump it up. 
2.Waiting for the end of the world. 
3.No action. 
4.Less than zero. 
5.The beat. 
6.(The angels wanna wear my) Red shoes. 
7.(I don't want to go to) Chelsea. 
8.Hand in hand. 
9.Little triggers. 
10.Radio radio. 
11.You belong to me. 
12.Lipstick vogue. 
13.Watching the detectives. 
14.Mystery dance. 
15.Miracle man 
16.Blame it on Cain. 
17.Chemistry class.

Australian crawl / phalanx

LINK: phalanx

01. Unpublished critics
02. The night
03. La califusa
04. Love beats me up
05. Things don't seen
06. White limbo
07. Louie Louie
08. Errol
09. Reckless
10. Boys light up

This is a great live album. The public is absolutely crazy about the group and participate in the concert very actively. There are some unconventional songs (The Night and La Califusa) that make the record more appealing. If you're into Oz Crawl and like live albums, this is your CD.

Another opinion

I have been a fan of Aussie Crawl since I was 11 years old since I saw "Boys Light Up" clip on MTV in 1987. This live albumsound so current with an excellent live sound but my only complaint is that it sould have been a double album. This was in my mind when they were at their peak, (unlike "Between a Rock and a Hard Place) sorry James. The vocals of James Reyne & the late Guy McDonough it is an stand out. When I play Louie, Louie I always sing along & it makes me smile.
If you are in Australia & can get your hands on "The Party Boys - Live at Several 21sts" recorded in the same year you will hear some a "classic" James Reyne vocal performance of "Been down so Long" & "Superfreak" that will KILL any of the originals.

ALICE COOPER / love it to death

Love it to death

Bit rate: Free Lossless Audio Codec

LINK: loveittodeath


Alice Cooper - Love It To Death (1971)(24K Gold Remaster 2009)

After the 24K success of "School's Out" and "Killer", Audio Fidelity completes our 2009 Alice Cooper Trilogy with the band's 1971 major label debut, "Love It To Death". After 38 years die-hard fans still argue over which is the best.
Captivating from the start and not a bit of filler, this album introduced the truly unique band to the mainstream with songs that forever sound new and original including, "Ballad of Dwight Fry", "Is It My Body" and a Cooper's trademark, “I'm Eighteen” (one of the all-time great coming of age songs). They incorporate blues, jazz, even songs styled after Broadway showtunes...and it's all ground-breaking Rock & Roll, in that the group firmly established their voice and personna. Punk? Glam? Shock-Rock? Horror-Rock? Heavy Metal? Anything created since, it all starts here.

Alice Cooper's third album, Love It to Death, can be pinpointed as the release when everything began to come together for the band. Their first couple of albums (Pretties for You and Easy Action) were both largely psychedelic/acid rock affairs and bore little comparison to the band's eventual rip-roaring, teenage-anthem direction. The main reason for the quintet's change was that the eventually legendary producer Bob Ezrin was on board for the first time and helped the Coopers focus their songwriting and sound, while they also perfected their trashy, violent, and theatrical stage show and image. One of the band's most instantly identifiable anthems, "I'm Eighteen", was what made the album a hit, as well as another classic, "Is It My Body". But like Alice Cooper's other albums from the early '70s, it was an incredibly consistent listen from beginning to end. The garage rocker "Caught in a Dream" as well as the ass-kicking "Long Way to Go" and a pair of epics — the Doors-esque "Black Juju" and the eerie "Ballad of Dwight Fry" — showed that Alice was easily in league with other high-energy Detroit bands of the era (MC5, Stooges). Love It to Death was the first of a string of classic releases from the original Alice Cooper group...G. Plato   

The album was ranked number 460 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Codec: flac
Size: 214  MB
Genre :  Rock
Cover: Front


Alice Cooper - vocals
Glen Buxton - lead guitar
Michael Bruce - rhythm guitar, keyboards
Dennis Dunaway - bass guitar
Neal Smith - drums


01 Caught in a Dream 3:04
02 I'm Eighteen 3:00
03 Long Way to Go 3:01
04 Black Juju 9:09
05 Is It My Body 2:39
06 Hallowed Be My Name 2:25
07 Second Coming 3:02
08 Ballad of Dwight Fry 6:32
09 Sun Arise 3:53

The Ulltimate Sound Quality From AUDIO FIDELITY

You've never heard your favorite music sound this good! The clarity is truly exceptional. Treat yourself to a musical experience you've never had before. Our new 24 K+ compact discs reproduce the ultimate sound of a classic recorded performance without the irregular plated surfaces of standard aluminum discs. Our 24K+ series brings you classic music in deluxe packaging with see-through slip cases. We only use the master mix played back on a specially constructed playback deck. Here's where the PLUS (+) comes in: The analog masters are put through our new proprietary analog to digital converter which reinforces the resolution of the original masters adding true "breath of life" to the music. Without any further sonic manipulation the master is shipped directly to the manufacturing plant for etching in "real time" onto the glass surface by laser. The end result of this unique mastering process is a compact disc with the warm sound of the original analog master tape combined with a genuine 24 karat gold surface free of any type of physical defect making our 24K+ Gold CD series truly one of a kind.

The original dynamic range of this recording was not maximized, brickwalled, limited or compressed in any way during remastering.
Our 24K package includes the controversial album cover - The Audio Fidelity censors, the same people who brought you the infamous AF Virgin Vinyl poster, have let another one slip through.    ”