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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THE PLUMS - gun1994

Gun 1994

bit rate: 320kps

LINK: The plums

Highly recommended. Thank Ausrock.

Formed in Melbourne in 1990 and received some airplay on JJJ, before vocalist Caroline Kennedy moved onto form Deadstar

1. Gun
2. All the Way Back
3. Baby
4. Find This Anywhere
5. Is It the Way
6. Pretty Face
7. Frame Eye
8. Axeman
9. Why Don't You Say
10. The Trip
11. When You Come Over

The Plums

Formed in 1992 The Plums were an independent four-piece group based around the songwriting of Caroline Kennedy and guitarist Steve Moffat. The epic effected guitars, driving drums of Shamus Goble and inventive melodic bass of Pete McCracken supported the sweetly leftist delivery of Kennedy. Influenced as much by Sonic Youth as The Sundays, the band were fiercely independent and subcultural, despite their pop sound. Live, the band were unpredictable and patchy, with flashes of brilliance.

The band were signed to Mushroom’s temptation label soon after they recorded their first ep ‘Au Revoir Sex Kitten’. They went on to record an ep ‘Read All Over’, followed by an album ‘Gun’ which was picked up and played by national broadcaster JJJ. Their last recording was an ep ‘Heavenly’, which was released as the band broke up.


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