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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

VITA BEATS - spot the spanner 1985

Spot the spanner 1985

bit rate 320kps

LINK: spotthespanner

The Vita Beats received lots of air play on JJJ for their single "Boom Box" , I'm pretty sure it was also used to promote Beatbox, a Saturday morning music video show on ABC tv.

Vocals - Lissa Mendelsohn Barnum
Guitar synth, Drum & Bass programs - Ken francis
Rhythum Guitar - Andrew Barnum
More Drum & Bass Programs - Paul Dengate
Multi keyboards - Rick Chadwick
More Keyboards & programing - Sam McNally
Bass Guitar - Clive Harrison
Percussion - Sunil De Silva
Acoustic Drums Malcolm Fogg

01 Audrey
02 Boom Box
03 Build It Right
04 Difficult ideas
05 Disposable love
06 Duty To Dance
07 Hold Me Up
08 Jungle Rodeo
09 Maximum Dag Unrule
10 Meteorite
11 Red Brick House
12 Savages


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Phaota said...

Thanks for sharing this. I was looking for "Build It Right", so it was great to see it on the album. Even better to have more songs by them for my 80s MP3 archive.