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Friday, July 10, 2009

KING CRIMSON / discipline 1981"remastered 2004"

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King Crimson have been one of those bands that have always come in for negative criticism from the rock press for proggy excesses every time they released a new album. Often it has been deserved and sometimes definitely not. 'Discipline' is very much as case of the latter. Instead of ambient noodlings and indecipherable lyrics that go on for eons, the tracks here are concise, cleaner sounding and godammmit ..funky. Tunes like 'The Hun Ginjeet', 'Frame by frame' and 'Elephant Talk' wouldnt've been out of place on Talking Heads "Remain inlight". Not surprising as both Fripp and Belew have lent their chops to Heads albums. So, if the Heads are your bag I recommend you lend an ear to this. If you prefer the proggy widdlings of yore you may not be so keen...Bob Hope

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size ca.: 130 MB
Genre : Progressive Rock
Cover: Front


01. Elephant Talk 4.43
02. Frame By Frame 5.09
03. Matte Kudasai 3.47
04. Indiscipline 4.33
05. Thela Hun Ginjeet 6.26
06. The Sheltering Sky 8.22
07. Discipline 5.13
08. Matte Kudasai (Alternative Version) 3.50

LINK: discipline


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