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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gong / Live at Sheffield

LINK: Live at Sheffield

01. Crystal Gnome
02. Radio Gnome
03. Mister Pyxie
04. Deep in the sky
05. Flying Tea-pot
06. Wet Drum Sandwich
07. Mange to calepin
08. You can't kill me
09. Titicaca

First off,please do keep in mind this import CD may be tough to locate a copy of.Nearly as outstanding as it's companion disc 'Live In Paris:Bataclan 1973'(see my review).Sound quality couldn't be better.Most memorable tracks are the eleven-minute "Crystal Gnome","Mister Pyxie",Tim Blake's "Deep In The Sky","Flying Teapot" and their somewhat obnoxious "You Can't Kill Me".The last tune is from a Glastonbury,1989 gig "Titicaca" where I guess Gilli Smyth provides the vocals and Daevid Allen plays acoustic guitar.Nice little folk ditty.Smyth is listed in the credits but I didn't hear her very much during this archive show.Line-up:Allen-guitar&vocals,Smyth-space whispers,Didier Malherbe-sax&flute,Tim Blake-synth,Steve Hillage-guitar,Mike Howlett-bass and Pierre Moerlen-drums.A must-have.

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