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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bob Marley / One love peace concert

LINK: One love peace concert

01. Lion of Judah
02. Natural mystic
03. Trench town rock
04. Natty dread
05. Positive vibration
06. War
07. Jamming
08. Jah live

this is a great recording of a historical concert that will go down in jamaican history as one of bob marleys triumphant moments . he brought on stage with him prime minister michael manley , the incumbent , and the opposition leader edward seaga . the political parties had been battling in the streets of kingston killing shootings were a daily occurence . marley had them both shake hands and then above his head all three joined hands in a peace truce . it was not long before that marley had been shot in an assaination attempt . courage and wisdom are his legacy as much as any song . jah live !!

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