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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Elvis costello / imperial bedroom

LINK: Imperial bedroom


Disc: 1
1. Beyond Belief
2. Tears Before Bedtime
3. Shabby Doll
4. The Long Honeymoon
5. Man Out Of Time
6. Almost Blue
7. ...And In Every Home
8. The Loved Ones
9. Human Hands
10. Kid About It
11. Little Savage
12. Boy With A Problem
13. Pidgin English
14. You Little Fool
15. Town cryer
Disc: 2
1. The Land Of Give And Take (Early Version of Beyond Belief)
2. Tears Before Bedtime (Alternate Version)
3. Man Out Of Time (Alternate Version)
4. Human Hands (Early Version)
5. Kid About It (Alternate Version)
6. Little Savage (Alternate Version)
7. You Little Fool (Alternate Version)
8. Town Cryer (Alternate Version)
9. Little Goody Two Shoes (Alteranate Version)
10. The Town Where Time Stood Still (Alternate Version)
11. ...And In Every Home (Rehearsal)
12. I Turn Around
13. From Head To Toe
14. The World Of Broken Hearts
15. Night Time
16. Really Mystified
17. The Stamping Ground
18. Shabby Doll (Demo)
19. Man Out Of Time (Demo)
20. You Little Fool (Demo)
21. Town Cryer (Demo)
22. Seconds Of Pleasure (Demo)
23. Imperial Bedroom


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