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Monday, March 18, 2013

Australian crawl / phalanx

LINK: phalanx

01. Unpublished critics
02. The night
03. La califusa
04. Love beats me up
05. Things don't seen
06. White limbo
07. Louie Louie
08. Errol
09. Reckless
10. Boys light up

This is a great live album. The public is absolutely crazy about the group and participate in the concert very actively. There are some unconventional songs (The Night and La Califusa) that make the record more appealing. If you're into Oz Crawl and like live albums, this is your CD.

Another opinion

I have been a fan of Aussie Crawl since I was 11 years old since I saw "Boys Light Up" clip on MTV in 1987. This live albumsound so current with an excellent live sound but my only complaint is that it sould have been a double album. This was in my mind when they were at their peak, (unlike "Between a Rock and a Hard Place) sorry James. The vocals of James Reyne & the late Guy McDonough it is an stand out. When I play Louie, Louie I always sing along & it makes me smile.
If you are in Australia & can get your hands on "The Party Boys - Live at Several 21sts" recorded in the same year you will hear some a "classic" James Reyne vocal performance of "Been down so Long" & "Superfreak" that will KILL any of the originals.

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