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Monday, September 19, 2011

MORCHEEBA / Parts of process

Parts of the process

Bit rate: 192 kps

LINK: partsoftheprocess

01. The sea
02. Tape loop
03. Otherwise
04. Blindfold
05. Be yourself
06. Part of the process
07. Let me see
08. Undress me now
09. What's your name
10. Trigger hippie
11. Rome wasn't build in 1 day
12. Over and over
13. What New York couples fight about
14. World looking in
15. Moog island
16. Way beyond
17. Never an easy way
18. Can't stand it

In the few years that Morcheeba has been around, the band has been able to carve a niche among club-hoppers and easy music listeners likewise, with its blend of trip-hop, infectious beats and amazing vocals. This CD is a compilation of some of their biggest hits, including 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and 'Be yourself'.
My personal favourites include 'Undress me now', 'The sea' and 'What New York couples fight about'. I would have given this compilation 5 stars, but it misses 2 great tracks in the oriental-sounding 'A well deserved break' (from the album 'Fragments of Freedom) and the phenomenal 'Three orange whips' (from the album 'Blindfold'). All said and done, this is a GREAT compilation and a perfect introduction to the music of Morcheeba. BUY IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, and you won't be disappointed!!! 


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