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Monday, September 19, 2011

MORCHEEBA / Dive deep

Dive deep

Bit rate: 320 kps

LINK: divedeep

01. Enjoy the ride
02. Riverbed
03. Thumbnails
04. Run honey run
05. Gained the world
06. One love karma
07. Au dela
08. Blue chair
09. Sleep on it
10. Hemphasis
11. Flowers
12. Washed away
13. The ledge beyond the edge

By critical consent "Dive Deep" is now regarded as Morcheeba's best runner-up album to "Big Calm" and DD runs that early classic very close as an all-time great play-it-over-and-over listening experience.

The title "Dive Deep" comes from the Godfrey brothers' concern about the progressive ecological degradation of the planet's marine environment, but in a fine twist is also a reference to the depths explored through the eclectic musical experimentation evident on the album.

The split with Skye left a hole in the band not satisfyingly filled by Daisy Martey but which, remarkably, is filled here with a rich diversity of different vocalists including some male voices (and one instrumental number). It all gels together beautifully and the vocal smorgasbord brings a variety which reveals Morcheeba at their quirky and innovative best. What stands out is the mature, exemplary songwriting.

The opener, "Enjoy the Ride" sung by Judy Tzuke, is a corker. Tzuke sounds, weirdly, almost indistinguishable from Skye bringing a similar melodious style to a great song you can listen to over and over. Tzuke also sings a second track, "Blue Chair", one of the album's highlights.

Norwegian singer/songwriter Thomas Dybdahl makes a major contribution to the album, contributing three tracks: "Riverbed", "Sleep on it Tonight" and the long soulful closer, "Washed Away" and his gravitas goes some way to defining the album's style. He's a fine choice, the perfect match for the talented Godfreys. A song in French, "Au Dela" sung by Manda Zamolo, works very well too and brings a taste of world-music exotica into the mix.

The main highlight however is track four, "Run Honey Run", an instant minor-key classic thanks to the unexpectedly beautiful, soulful vocal delivered by Bradley Burgess. It's almost worth buying the album just for this little gem.

Some music hits the scene with a sensational bang, but time erodes its impact and it skulks off into obscurity (anyone still listening to "Never Mind the Bollocks..."?). The reputation of other albums however gets stronger over time, attracts new audiences and goes from strength to strength. "Dive Deep" is in the second category. After almost two years it's become evident that "Dive Deep" has real depth and rewards repeated listening. Is this music-for-all-seasons destined perhaps for greatness? Time will tell.

Interestingly, the Morcheeba website is announcing their new album "Blood Like Lemonade" to be released June 2010 "featuring Skye". Blood, it seems, runs not just thicker than water but thicker than lemonade too. 


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