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Friday, September 23, 2011

BON JOVI / Greatest hits

Greatest hits

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2 CD.

Some claim Jon Bon Jovi is single-handedly responsible for the hole in the ozone layer, citing all that unfortunate 80s hairspray. More importantly, others have tirelessly repeated that Bon Jovi is consummately overrated and that their winning streak is sure to hit a wall.

Their fame, however, has long outlasted that classic 15 minutes. They are still around, and the reasons for that cover this record from top to bottom. Like it or not, the songs in this "Greatest Hits" package - especially the first disc - have been and will continue to be unavoidable. In the supermarket, on terrestrial radio, at frat parties and weddings, hits like "Living on a Prayer," "It's My Life," "Wanted Dead or Alive" and "We Weren't Born to Follow" will continue to superimpose themselves upon our lives.

They have catchy choruses and memorable melodies that continue to endure, and "Greatest Hits" fuses them into one convenient package, released - in no coincidence of circumstance - right in time for the holidays.

The single disc edition is ideal for the casual fan and has all the hallmark hits those listeners would be interested in, including the recent and excellent "Who Says You Can't Go Home," although the second disc has some fine deep cuts - the highly listenable 1995 single "This Ain't a Love Song," for instance. Other smaller hits that are missing - 2003's "Everyday," for instance - should not bother the average fan.

The new songs provide further incentive to take a look at "Greatest Hits," although "What Do You Got," chosen as the single from this release, is the least interesting of them with its paint-by-numbers choruses and bridges. It is not worth too many repeat spins, especially compared with the hits.

"No Apologies" recycles the same old Bon Jovi themes of take-no-prisoners independence and living life to the fullest, but it still rocks solidly.

The other new tracks only accompany the 2-disc version, but they are far better than the aforementioned. "This Is Love This Is Life" is similar to "No Apologies" but has far better lyrics, more impassioned vocals and rocks even harder. It would make an awesome concert opener.

"The More Things Change" aptly rounds out with its bittersweet, hard-won retrospection. It is a triumphant moment - a moment of looking back at the past and taking stock of the present, both its trappings and its treasures:

"Greatest Hits" offers up a nice selection of hits and a few new offerings that forecast future endeavors for the band -
truth in advertising, for certain. 


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