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Monday, September 19, 2011

MORCHEEBA / Big calm

Big calm

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LINK: bigcalm

They sell more than 1 million album.Read the comment

Hi! I bought this CD on the strength of the reviews given for it. This piece impressed me very much. Basically, I only write reviews for CD's that floor me, and this one does that. The music is very strong, it's an exciting blend of the best sounds in music from guitars, strings, scratching, mixing, good bass, and more..all anchored by the sweet and versatile vocals of Skye Edwards(she will no doubt draw comparisons to Macy Gray, even though Skye is so much more skilled in this humble reviewers opinion.) "The Sea" is an amazing, atmospheric track with amazing vocals, violins, strings, and a cool guitar part. Great lyrics, great everything. Everything just meshes so beautifully to create a phenomenal song. "Blindfold" is just a beautiful track that is one of those songs that you thank god for. Again, great vocals, soaring strings, and an unforgettable chorus. My personal favourite track on this record is "Over and Over". This track demonstrates Skyes vocal prowess the best(in my eyes) It's a somber track which makes you actually feel. Skye is just so beautiful on this one. The strings, as always, are fitting. The acoustic guitar is beautifully sparse and hauntingly effective. The words....nothing short of astonishing: "I'd like to meet a mad man who makes it all seem sane". "Fear and Love" is another track that just bleeds honesty and creativity. The instrumental tracks are jazzy, trip-hoppy, and just plain listenable. This is a very listenable record. I can do anything to this record. It's good date music, I could listen to it cleaning my apartment, I could just curl up on a cold or rainy evening and pop this in, light a cigarette and everything is fine. I read the other reviews about that aspect and I totally agree. Buy this record. You won't be disappointed, that is if you like good music. Although I wouldn't exactly classify this as trip-hop, I would recommend this to trip hop lovers. This music is simply too good to classify with a label. It is a beautiful, stylistic album that sums up all I love about music by having elements of all of my favourite musical forms all in one gorgeous package. This, folks, is the reason I love music. Get this record and see what I saw. I plan on buying the other releases by Morcheeba(of course from Amazon!) on the strength of this recording. Get it Get it Get it! On one final note, if you like this record, also try out Esthero's "Breath from another"....VERY good stuff!

I started to listen to "The Big Calm" on a rainy night about a month ago. It has not left my CD player. It is an extremely intelligent piece of musical art. I highly recommend it. Go buy it... Now!


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Elliot Knapp said...

Love this one too--just wrote about it on my music blog. Keep on rockin'!