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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PETER MURPHY / should the world fail to fall apart

In his first solo effort (if you don't count Dalis Car), Peter walked away with a slightly disconnected, but powerful freshman effort. What I mean by disconnected is that the overall flow of the songs does not work together as well as later albums. Maybe part of it was his newly found freedom, the other thing could be the nature of his writing/performing relationship with Howard Hughes. Peter went on to find much more success on this front when working with Paul Statham.

Don't get me wrong -- there are some masterful songs on this album, including 'Canvas Beauty', a cover of Pere Ubu's 'Final Solution', and my personal fave, the majestic 'God Sends'. Also of note is the wonderful b-side, 'Tale of the Tongue' which is well worth tracking down. But the album is just a warm up to his two best albums, 'Love Hysteria' (my favorite) and the crowd-pleaser 'Deep', where the connections between singer, songwriter, and musical-deity tend to blur.

Should the world fail to fall apart

Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: shouldtheworldfail

01 - Canvas Beauty - (Romance Version)

02 - Light Pours Out of Me

03 - Confessions

04 - Should the World Fail to Fall Apart

05 - Never Man

06 - God sends

07 - Blue Heart

08 - Answer Is Clear

09 - Final Solution

10 Jemal


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