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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is the sophomore effort from the Prunes. I feel this was unjustly panned by the critics as it shows the group growing up in thier sound. They would go from a teenage wet dream set to the tone of a fuzz guitar to a more tight sound, and more introspective songs. The liner notes were written by Barbara Harris. I'm not sure if she's the one who was in the domineering mother comedy "Oh Dad...Poor Dad" with Johnathan Winters, but she was a fox in that movie. Anyway the songs range with "The Great Banana Hoax" has a more soul sound to it, and there's some punkish tunes like "Children Of Rain", and then there's the stabs at psychedelia with "Antique Doll", "I", and "Hideaway". There's also a novelty song released as a single called "Dr. Do Good". Unfortunately the Prunes fell in the box with a bunch of other groups written off as "One Hit Wonders". The only other tunes that saw the light of day were "Everybody Knows You're Not In Love" off the "Release Of An Oath" album, and "Kyrie Elliason" which wasn't heard until the movie "Easy Rider". It was a fickle audience and managers that killed the band. "Underground" was definitely underrated.

After reviewing Mass in F Minor, I happened upon the Collectors Choice reissue of Underground and sought to replace my old vinyl copy.

Listening to it again it is hard to understand how I let it out of my regular listening albums in the first place.

Psychedelia meets punk and what a combination. The album is drenched in guitar and organ effects, surreal lyrics and playing yet with a hard edge at times.

There are some great songs on this, a personal favourite being the weird, I, and a variety of styles.

Buy this album, listen to it on headphones, or if you have them those Sharper Image goggles. Play it LOUD, play it often, play it to your friends. Experience this album.

You will be glad you did.

Especially recommended to anyone interested in this era!


Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: underground

01 - The Great Banana Hoax.MP3

02 - Children of Rain.mp3

03 - Wind-Up Toys.mp3

04 - Antique Doll.mp3

05 - It's Not Fair.mp3

06 - I Happen To Love You.mp3

07 - Dr. Do-Good.mp3

08 - I.mp3

09 - Hideaway.mp3

10 - Big City.mp3

11 - Capt Glory.mp3

12 - Long Day's Flight.mp3

13 - Everybody Knows You're .mp3

14 - You Never Had It Better.mp3


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