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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PETER MURPHY / love hysteria

"Love Hysteria" is a great album defining the solo career of the ex-Bauhaus frontman. "All Night Long" is pure rapture, mystical and darkly romantic - the best song on the album and one of my faves of the decade. "Blind Sublime" is probably the most like a true pop song with a good beat and catchy hook. "My Last 2 Weeks" is an outright ballad showcasing his deep vocal mastery. "Indigo Eyes" is the perfect love song falling not far from the same tree as "All Night Long" but slightly more uplifting; let's say it this way... "Indigo Eyes" is a perfect love song when you're with someone and "All Night Long" is the perfect love song when you're alone. The remaining tracks are consistently good and carry the vibe, though they are less accessible in a pop sense.

Generally speaking, Love Hysteria is a great album with some tracks clearly being better than others. Is it his best? Arguably yes. While "Deep" is probably more consistent throughout, LH just seems more like the real Peter Murphy with no out-of-place moments. Why split hairs? Buy both and be happy that you did.

Love hysteria

Bit rate: wma

LINK: lovehysteria

01 All Night Long.wma

02 His Circle and Hers Meet.wma

03 Dragnet Drag.wma

04 Socrates the Python.wma

05 Indigo Eyes.wma

06 Time Has Got Nothing to Do With It.wma

07 Blind Sublime.wma

08 My Last Two Weeks.wma

09 Funtime.wma

10 I've Got a Minature Secret Camera.wma

11 Funtime [Cabaret Mix].wma


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