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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PETER MURPHY / holy smoke

After the success of Deep, Peter Murphy had the daunting task of following up a hit. So what did he do? He took a year off! Like all post-hit albums Holy Smoke was percieved as a let-down. I don't agree with this at all. The Anton Corbijn photo of a rather tired looking Murphy on the cover I think indicates the more honest sound of this album. It was to be the last to feature the Hundred Men as Murphy's backup band. This album basically has a bad rep, but just listen to the beautiful singing on 'Let Me Love You' or 'Secret Garden'. The entire band gets involved in the songwriting on the final track 'Hit Song' which I think could have been just that had it been realeased as a single. The record label opted to release the far less commercial 'Sweetest Drop' instead. Don't listen to the naysayers about this album. Listen to the incredible songs for yourself.

Being a huge fan of Mr. Murphy's work in any arrangement, (I do think he musically progressed after Bauhaus, however) I was a little wary of his follow up to his masterpiece "Deep". I heard that his inspiration was wraught out from the previous album and that his new effort was forced and dull.

Finding it for a good price, I decided to give it a chance. I couldn't believe how aggressive, hypnotic and dark "Holy Smoke" proved to be. It hits hard in songs like "Kill the Hate" and "Low Room", but flows naturally in hauntingly beautiful love songs like "Let Me Love You", "Our Secret Garden" and "The Sweetest Drop". He starts to show an evolution into Turkish musical influence (which is explored further on "Dust" as Murphy made a spiritual move into Suficism) in the explosive opening track, "Keep Me From Harm". This album showcases an artist in the dawn of transformation and features work that is on par with Murphy's best.

Where "Deep" masterfully explored an empty, vacant stretch of socialite wasteland, Murphy didn't let "Holy Smoke" live in its
shadow. There are a few references to "Deep", (see "Hit Song"'s lyrics "Walking down the street/breath the only friend" or "Keep Me From Harm"'s lyrics "Dug into that vast heart") but "Holy Smoke" feels more like a love submerssed in a blue ocean of lost, forgotten dreams.

Don't be steered wrong. "Holy Smoke" is a great part of Murphy's discography.

Holy smoke

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LINK: holysmoke

01 Keep Me from Harm

02 Kill the Hate

03 You're So Close

04 The Sweetest Drop

05 Low Room

06 Let Me Love You

07 Our Secret Garden

08 Dream Gone By

09 Hit Song

10 [Untitled Hidden Track]


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