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Sunday, May 16, 2010

DAVID BYRNE / the forest


When this album first came out, the CD at the record store had a bright orange sticker with black text on it that said, "WARNING: CONTAINS ORCHESTRAL MUSIC" on the cover. Indeed it does.

While not a complete depature from what is expected from David Byrne (he's done several orchestral pieces), this album was a total shock to every David Byrne fan I knew at the time I'd gotten it the first time. And like another reviewer, not everyone of them liked it. To me, it's such an emotional album. It takes you on a ride from a quiet cello that drips with emotion to hammering percussion that rises into a fervor. It reminds me of performance art. I remember my best friend doing this spastic, gyrating tribal-like dance to a number of the tracks.

Do yourself a favour, listen to the track samples and see if they elicit a positive or a negative response. This is not a David Byrne album that appeals to the masses. You'll either feel the music move you or you won't. I lost this CD while moving to a new house a few years back and I didn't know how much I missed it till I received it today and listened to it again for the first time in years. It brought back a lot of great memories of friends that I haven't seen for a long time. I love this album.

David Byrne's The Forest is not your common CD from a pop artist. It was recorded in 3 studios, 1 in Berlin and 2 in CA. There are 10 movements in the orchestral excursion. It seems to compare and contrast modernt technology and mechanization with early and primitive culture. The most of the vocals on the CD are used at vocal instruments and the only english language used is in "Dura Europus". He develops the movements from instrumental to vocal and back with great ease and versatility. The orchestration of the album is quite a feat. Using traditional intruments from a modern western orchestra he evokes feelings and power. This is not an album to be dissappointed in. A few movements, to me, are lacking in structure, but maybe thats what it is all about. "6. Ava" has a developement like no other ive seen. From the lone Cello in the beginning to the warm fullness of the orchestra. Then the male soloist on top of that. Eventually reaching a percussive area concluding with a chorus.

An album like this is not to be missed.

I love this. I have always liked Mr. Byrne's music but the scope and realization of this work is astounding. Deeply profound & different. Like nothing else I've ever heard. A masterpiece.

The forest

Bit rate: 160 kps

LINK: theforest

01 - Ur

02 - Kish

03 - Dura Europus

04 - Nineveh

05 - Ava

06 - Machu Picchu

07 - Teotihuacan

08 - Asuka

09 -Samara

10 - Tula


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