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Friday, August 14, 2009

MOODY BLUES / To our childrens

To our childrens

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LINK: toourchildrens

PASSWORD "sakalli"

Moody Blues revert to a generally mellower style for this album, in fact at times they seem so laid back their heads must be touching the ground!

"Higher and higher" which opens the album briefly belies this, with its (strangely enough) ascending, upbeat melody, but the following "Eyes of a child", establishes the dominant pace for the album.

There is though, much to enjoy here. "Candle of life" has a Bee Gees feel to it, with swirling orchestration, and a lovely piano backing (it made an excellent B side for "Question" when released as a single). "Watching and Waiting", which the band had apparently expected to be a huge hit single, is a wonderfully melodic number, which washes over the listener in gentle waves of breathing keyboards.

That pretty much goes for the rest of the album. It's hardly challenging and not really very progressive, but it is highly melodic and hugely relaxing, one for low lights and good company.

Line-up :
- Michael Pinder / keyboards, vocals
- Ray Thomas / harmonica, flute, vocals
- Graeme Edge / drums, percussion
- Justin Hayward / guitars, vocals
- John Lodge / bass guitar, vocals

Track List :
01. Higher And Higher - 4:06
02. Eyes Of A Child I - 3:23
03. Floating - 3:01
04. Eyes Of A Child II - 1:21
05. I Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Hundred - 1:05
06. Beyond - 2:58
07. Out And In - 3:48
08. Gypsy - 3:33
09. Eternity Road - 4:18
10. Candle Of Life - 4:17
11. Sun Is Still Shining - 3:37
12. I Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Million - 0:33
13. Watching And Waiting - 4:15


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