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Friday, December 23, 2011

WEATHER REPORT / live in Tokyo

Live in Tokyo

Bit rate: 320kps

LINK: liveintokyo

01._Medley Vertical Invader Seventh ArrowT.H.Doctor Honoris Causa
02._Medley Surucucu Lost Early Minor Directions
03._Orange Lady
04._Medley EurydiceThe Moors
05._Medley Tears Umbrellas

In principle, this live concert from 1972 follows the same approach as Weather Report's self-titled debut: ensemble improvisation where pretty much anything goes. But whereas the debut is a dreamy, laid-back affair, Live in Tokyo is a fierce, aggressive document of a band that was more "free" than "fusion". (Compare this to Miles Davis's 1970 Fillmore concerts, which have a similar point of departure.) Zawinul's playing on the Fender Rhodes is dissonant and processed with primitive electronics, and on the acoustic piano he's all over the place -- from Bill Evans-like meditations to messing around with the piano's innards. Wayne Shorter, little more than sonic wallpaper on some later albums, blows like a madman on the tenor and soprano saxophones. And the rhythm section (Miroslav Vitous, Eric Gravatt, Dom Um Romeo) is the most spontaneous in WR's catalogue, and arguably the most exciting. The music is organized into 5 lengthy medleys, containing some material from Weather Report's debut as well as otherwise unreleased stuff. There's also a compact, blistering version of Zawinul's "Directions". This music is not for the faint of heart (fans of Black Market and Heavy Weather won't find much to like here) but showcases a band at the peak of its abilities. This essential live recording isn't available domestically so snap it up while you can! 


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