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Friday, December 23, 2011

WEATHER REPORT / domino theory

Domino theory

Bit rate:320kps

LINK: dominotheory

01. Can it be done
02. D flat waltz
03. The peasant
04. Predator
05. Blue sound note
06. Swamp cabage
07. Domino theory

With the slow death of WR in the early to mid 80's I stopped buying their lps. I was listening to jazz radio one night and turned it on half way through Db Waltz. I have loved this tune ever since. Hakim gets a groove going on this tune that's awesome! This tune was a return to what made WR great. A good groove and great soloing from Shorter. A nice change from the previous few techno synth albums which "shorted" shorter. The rest of album has its good moments as well. If you are a Omar Hakim fan get this one and Procession and invite some friends over to dance. (sure they willl find you strange but what the hell) 


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