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Friday, December 16, 2011

PARADISE LOST / one second

One second

Bit rate: 320 kps

LINK: onesecond

1. one second
2. say just words
3. Lydia
4. mercy
5. soul courageous
6. another day
7. the sufferer
8. this cold life
9. blood of another
12.take me down

The album that has some Paradise Lost fans up in arms. Is it a great, well-orchestrated, defining pinnacle in a fairly decent catalogue? Or is it a whiny collection of sad, depressing drivel from a band that lost its greatness? I opt for the former. It's different. It's refreshing. Nick Holmes is at his eerie best on faves "This Cold Life" and "Blood Of Another". A perfect blend of goth and metal, Paradise Lost should have a larger fan base than they do. Yes, they've changed, sure they've toned down a bit, but they did it with style. Gosh, what a cool band.  

This disc is bottled intensity -- epic, dramatic, and intoxicating. Dark and sinister without resorting to screams and howls ... this band writes music that haunts you. From the piano line of "One Second" that opens the album, to the pained, slow pace of "Take Me Down", Paradise Lost weaves a musical tapestry that ensnares anyone who dares to listen. One for the ages. Among my favorite albums of all time.


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