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Friday, December 9, 2011

THE DOORS / waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Bit rate: 320kps

LINK: waitingforthesun

1. Hello, I love you
2. Love street
3. Not to touch the earth
4. Summer's almost gone
5. Wintertime love
6. The unknown soldier
7. Spanish caravan
8. My wild love
9. We could be so good together
10.Yes, the river knows
11.Five to one
12.Albinoni's adagio in G Minor
13.Not to touch the earth (dialogue)
14.Not to touch the earth (take1)
15.Not to touch the earth (take2)
16.Celebration of the lizard

This is a very underrated Doors' album. So many great songs are on this album. Jim's voice is great here. Ray Manzerek's Organs is amazing a always but what really shines is Robby Kriegers guitar its at its best on Waiting for The Sun. Jim Morrisons lyrics are best here. just Listen to "Five To One" the best Doors' song ever great lyrics, Kreigers best solo (solo remade by Ace Freely on She and Pearl Jam on Alive!) this is really the best song by the band, dont believe me pick up the record and listen! "Love Street" is classic Jim's best vocal performance ever! "Hello I Love You" big Doors hit but I dont like it that much. "Not To Touch The Earth" and "The Unknown Solider" are classic Morrsion lyrics, some of his best. "My Wild Love" is just Jim and only Jim doing what he does best.... "the other big highlight is "Yes The River Knows" which is like no other the Doors have ever made and its really a great ballad. all the other songs are great as well but these songs stand out the most. These is one of the better Doors albums along with the debut and "L.A. Woman." 


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