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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NEKTAR / remember the futur

LINK: rememberthefutur

Back again.
With a second album by NEKTAR, remember I've posted their excellent first album sooner. It's amazing that after a rather good second album, the 3rd one xas absolutely shitty. More surprising then was this extraordinary concept album.
I think there will be 2 categories of people : those who'll love it, and those who'll hate it. The album consists in 2 long "progressive krautrock" tracks (one on each side), sung in the typical progressive way that you may not like. In my opinion, some moments sound so great that the worst moments are quickly forgotten (the beginning is probably the worst!). I'm personnaly impressed by the technical skills, NEKTAR were obviously the kind of musicians that punk rocker wanted to kill! And the album evolves beautifully towards a surprising end : a 5 minutes near disco-funk rock - remember that it was composed in 1972, from this point of view I think NEKTAR were ahead of their time.


Origin Hamburg, Germany
Genres Progressive Rock
Space Rock
Years active 1969-1982
Labels Current:
Dream Nebula
United Artists
Associated acts The Peeps
Grand Alliance
Roye Albrighton (Solo)
Website www.nektarsmusic.com
Roye Albrighton
Ron Howden
Klaus Henatch
Peter Pichl
Former members
Derek Mo Moore
Alan Taff Freeman
Mick Brockett
Keith Walters
Larry Fast
Dave Nelson
Carmine Rojas
Dave Prater
Randy Dembo
Tom Hughes

Nektar is a 1970s English progressive rock band originally based in Germany.


The band formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1969, members included Englishmen Roye Albrighton on guitars and vocals, Allan "Taff" Freeman on keyboards (Allan's son Alain Freeman is still living in Hamburg, Germany and is an owner of a travel-office), Derek "Mo" Moore on bass, Ron Howden on drums, and Mick Brockett on lights, special effects and other miscellanea. Songwriting was always considered a group effort.

The band's early albums such as Journey to the Centre of the Eye, ...Sounds Like This and A Tab in the Ocean were obscure psychedelic rock albums that won the band a small but growing cult following, based largely on word of mouth. The last of those albums was the first Nektar album to be released in the U.S., on the small Passport Records label.

It was Nektar's second U.S. release, Remember the Future (1973), that propelled the band briefly into mass popularity. A concept album about a blind boy who communicates with an extraterrestrial being, the music was a big leap forward for the band with a much more melodic sound than on previous albums. It shot into the Top 20 album charts in the U.S. The follow up album, Down to Earth (1974), was another concept album with a circus theme; it also sold well, breaking into the Top 40 album charts and included Nektar's only song to chart on the Billboard singles charts, "Astral Man". The next album, Recycled (1975), was stylistically close to bands like Gentle Giant and is considered by many fans to be Nektar's finest moment. Nektar's first major-label release, Magic is a Child (1977) was more eclectic, although with shorter songs and fairly straightforward rhythms-but many fans thought it was too pop-oriented; lyrically the album covered a wide range of subjects from Norse mythology and magic to more down to earth subjects like railroads and truck drivers. But there are some fans who considered the album a misfire and it proved to be the end of Nektar's brief popularity, although a few more albums were released, mostly live albums and compilations.

When the Nektar back catalog was first released on compact disc in the early 1990s, the wrong master(the quad rear channel mix)was used for the Bellaphon CD release of Remember the Future, infuriating many fans.[who?] The mix practically buried Roye Albrighton's lead guitar. Although this was corrected in later CD releases, those looking for Nektar's music on CD should be aware of this if buying used CDs. One way to ensure that the correct master was utilized is to verify that the CD contains "bonus tracks".

Nektar regrouped in 2002 and headlined NEARfest (opposite Steve Hackett) with a full line-up including synthesizer wizard Larry Fast. They also released their first album of new material since the 1970s, "The Prodigal Son". They followed this release up in 2004 with "Evolution". Recent members of Nektar have included Randy Dembo on bass, and Tom Hughes on Hammond organ alongside original members Albrighton and Howden. Dembo and Hughes left in August, 2006 citing communication problems, money issues, personality issues and trust in the management issues. All of Nektar's back catalogue has either been remastered and re-released or is in the process of being so. This includes A Tab in the Ocean which now features the original 1972 German mix, as well as an alternate 1976 "American" mix, Remember the Future with two bonus tracks in the form of two radio promo singles. The re-issue of Recycled features the original album release mix, and an alternate mix by Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, something many fans found akin to hearing the music for the first time. Nektar's re-issue of Down to Earth contains seven bonus tracks, including hilarious out-takes by Robert Calvert. The re-issue of Magic Is a Child (an album which did not feature founding member Roye Albrighton) features amazingly clear sound, and four bonus tracks including a live-from-the radio version of "Midnight Light".

In 2006, the band found new management (Roy Clay) to replace The Eclectic Records staff, playing "Prog fests" around the globe on a part-time basis, and occasionally appearing in some of their old haunts in the New Jersey/New York area. Mr Clay was subsequently released from management duties early 2007 after a dispute over financial matters.

The band also embarked on the production of a new album Book of Days. The album was released on May 16, 2008 on the Bellaphon Label.

In mid-2007 a solo tour was undertaken by lead singer Roye Albrighton to be followed by a full band tour of Europe (primarily Germany), and scheduled by a European-based promoter,but they had to postpone as extra funds were needed to complete the new album.


Studio Albums

Compilation Albums

Live Albums

DVD Releases


Year Title Billboard Hot 100 U.S Mainstream Rock UK Top 100 Album
1973 "Do You Believe in Magic?" - - - ...Sounds Like This
1974 "What Ya Gonna Do?" - - -
"Remember the Future (Edit)" - - - Remember the Future
"Fidgety Queen'" - - - Down to Earth
"Astral Man" 91 - -
1975 "Flight to Reality" - - - Recycled
2005 "Always" - - - Evolution


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