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Tuesday, October 27, 2009




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"Voyage" continues where "Adventure" left off with more strange sonic cosmos and amazing percussive tones and moods. Essentially "Voyage" was a live in studio jam which got carried away one evening and was captured on tape for the world to enjoy. Once again we are surrounded by the electronic genius of Joel Vandroogenbroeck and his gang of merry men. "Voyage" seems to be more devoted to exploring the percussive side of their music in sharp contrast to "Adventure" and "Celestial Ocean". "Voyage Part 1" would certainly rank as one of my all time electronic Krautrock favs. 3 more bonus tracks have been included as well in the same vein as those found on "Adventure". (James Unger progarchives.com)

1. Voyage Part 1 (19:07)
2. Voyage Part 2 (18:06)
Bonus Tracks:
3. Skyline [Analog 1970] (8:10)
4. Underworld Paths (7:20)
5. Nebula (4:45)

Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Keyboards, Flute, Guitar, Vocals
Hans Deyssenroth - Keyboards, Synthesizers, Computer
Barney Palm - Drums, Percussion, Strange Sounds
Wilhelm Seefeldt - Synthesizers, Computer


Origin Germany
Genres Krautrock, psychedelic rock, experimental rock
Years active 1968–1975

Brainticket is a little-known experimental krautrock band.


Brainticket originally formed in 1968, consisting of members of Swiss, German, and Italian descent. Although members came and went during their tenure, the most popular lineup consisted of Joel Vandroogenbroeck (organ, flute), Ron Bryer (guitar), Werni Frohlich (bass), Cosimo Lampis (drums), Wolfgang Paap (tabla), Dawn Muir (vocals), Carole Muriel (vocals, zither), and Hellmuth Kolbe (potentiometers, generators, and sound effects).

Brainticket issued three albums before disbanding, but they resurfaced in the early '80s with a pair of albums before disappearing once more. In June 2000, another album titled "Alchemic Universe" came out of the collective.



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