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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MOTHER JANE / come alive

Come alive


Bit rate: flac

Founded in 1993 by Klaus Hess, Mother Jane sounds a whole lot like the 1970's Jane, heavy and melodic. This disc features material recorded in Switzerland in 1999. The band does old Jane classics like "Windows", "Daytime", "Hangman", "Spain" and "Redskin", plus some impressive new material. Well I guess it was new in 1999! Bassist Kai Schiering's vocals are awesome, the musicianship is spectacular, the sound is OK. The crowd noises seem a little intrusive at times, but only add to the general stoned 70's vibe that is alright by me. Almost 80 minutes of sweet Jane goodness, a must-have for all Jane fans.

1. Out Of Control
2. Spain
3. Redskin
4. Together We Are Stand
5. Emotion
6. So Solong
7. Take It
8. Hangman
9. Daytime
10. Way To Paradise
11. Silence
12. Windows
13. Nightmare
14. Windows II

Klaus Hess - Guitar, Vocals
Kai Schiering - Bass
Jaye - Drums, Vocals
Klaus Henatsch - Keyboards, Vocals


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Anonymous said...

Diese aufnahmen endstanden nicht in der Schweiz,sondern in Deutschland beim Rock gegen Kinderkrebs 1999 in Meldorf/Dithmarschen.Ich Habe den Orginalen Videomitschnitt von dem die Aufnahmen gezogen worden sind.
Das Backcover zeigt den Eingang der Dithmarschen Halle.Der auftritt von Mother Jane wurde mit 6 Kameras aufgezeichnet vor 1200 Fans.