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Friday, February 1, 2013

Flash and the pan / Flash and the pan

LINK:Flash and the pan

01. the African schuffle
02. California
03. Man in the middle
04. Walking in the rain
05. Hey, st Peter
06. Lady killer
07. The man who knew the answer
08. Hole in the middle
09. Down among the dead men
10. First and last

Flash and the Pan was Flash and the Pan's 1979 debut album release. The album covers differed between the Australian release and UK release (shown below). The track "And The Band Played On (Down Among the Dead Men)" — about the sinking of the Titanic — was released as a UK single, reaching No. 54 in September 1978.
"Walking in the Rain" was later covered by Grace Jones, as part of her 1981 Nightclubbing album. The song was also recorded by South African icon Johannes Kerkorrel, who included it on his album Die Ander Kant in 2000.


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