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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cold Chisel / east

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Cold Chisel - East  (1980) (Remaster Edit 2000)

Okay, we have seen a lot of "enhanced" CDs in the 90s. Nearly all the classic rock albums have been remastered to get another buck from the fans and sometimes it was even worth it. And this is definetly the case with Cold Chisel's East! The quality of the recording definetly increased and three bonus tracks (outtakes from the recording sessions) have been added to the CD. There is even multimedia material for your computer! Cold Chisel is one of Australia's rock classics and "East" is one of their best recordings. This "enhanced" version is worth every cent!..M. Doering

In mid-1977, Cold Chisel was a hard rocking blues band that couldn't get a record deal. By the end of 1980, they were the biggest-selling act in the country. This album is why. A finely-crafted slab of contemporary radio-friendly rock and pop, East never faltered from its opening seconds and remains to this day one of the best Australian albums ever made.
Cold Chisel's previous album Breakfast at Sweethearts had taken the rough edges off the band's brash sound and begun to display its pop sensibilities. With East, the slick production of Mark Opitz enhanced them even further. That all five of the band's members contributed songs for the first time also helped to create a bunch of tunes that continue to resonate through the national psyche.
East succeeds because its subjects are so familiar to its audience. They are simple songs about the everyday experience: "Every night when I come home/I settle down to prime-time limbo," sings Jimmy Barnes in "Ita"; on "Standing on the Outside" he dreams about robbing a TAB and setting himself up in a personal Paradise somewhere. Other songs are about dreams come unstuck, like the jaded protagonist of "Cheap Wine", who just leaves it all behind for "cheap wine and a three days' growth". "Four Walls" is a sorrowful piano ballad about life behind bars and the emotional "Choir Girl" follows a young woman through an abortion.
Of course it wouldn't be Cold Chisel without straight out rocking, and the pensive mood of the ballads is balanced by the brash rockabilly of Barnes' "Rising Sun", the smouldering, political "Star Hotel" and the ragged "My Turn to Cry". Every song was memorable, as East struck the perfect balance of all the band's moods. Ian Moss' "Never Before" became the first song ever played on Triple J, Barnes still performs "Rising Sun" in his live shows and Phil Small's sweet pop ditty "My Baby" remains a radio staple to this day.

28 years later, East is still the perfect Australian rock album.


Jimmy Barnes - Vocals
Ian Moss - Guitar, Vocals on "Never before", "My baby" & "Best kept lies"
Don Walker - Piano, Synthesiser, Backing Vocals
Phill Small - Bass, Backing Vocals
Steven Prestwich - Drums, Backing Vocals
Joe Camilleri - Saxophones

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size:  120 MB
Genre :  Rock
Cover: Front


01.  Standing On The Outside 2.53
02.  Never Before 4.09
03.  Choirgirl 3.14
04.  Rising Sun 3.26
05.  My Baby 4.02
06.  Tomorrow 3.33
07.  Cheap Wine 3.24
08.  Best Kept Lies 3.48
09.  Ita 3.33
10.  Star Hotel 4.10
11.  Four Walls 2.23
12.  My Turn To Cry 3.31
13.  Pay Day In A Pub (Bonus) 4.53
14.  Hands Out Of My Pocket (Bonus) 2.20
15.  The Party's Over (Bonus) 3.03

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