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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cold Chisel / Breakfast at sweetheart's

LINK: breakfast at sweetheart's

Cold Chisel - Breakfast At Sweetheart's (1979) (Remsater Edit 2000)

As I see it, there have been many great Australian bands - Birthday Party, Hoodoo Gurus, Midnight Oil, Laughing Clowns, Saints, and maybe INXS...but Australia is responsible for two classic bands, The Church, and Cold Chisel. Cold Chisel were an Australian phenomenon, they formed in Adelaide in 1973 ('a "karass"' they called themselves), and with one line up change only, became the unit that played blinding soulful blues rock night after night and for years even, unable to afford even decent food. But they were very very good. They had the chemistry that makes a band 'great'. Moreso, they had a genius songwriter, piano/keyboardist Don Walker, a Mathematics graduate who as a lyricist I'd rate only second to Dylan...and what did he write about, the other half, sort of what Springsteen was writing about in the USA. His songs are very much of their time and place and yet remain pertinent and timeless. And the range of styles conveyed by the band and Walker's songwriting delve between brilliant propulsive blues rock'n'roll to sublimely tender - yet hard - jazz blues classics. 'Breakfast at Sweethearts' is the band's second album...not their best as it suffers from a somewhat muted production. But lyrically it's possibly Walker's finest set. The title track is absolutely first-class. Can't really say much more but if you're a fairly serious person at times and are into Springsteen and Dylan then you'll love Cold Chisel. Note that this particular version of the album has three extra tracks which are all brilliant, 'Metho Blues' (piano & guitar only) & the gospel 'It ain't wrong' are again, absolutely first-class compositions. Possibly the best introduction to Cold Chisel is their greatest hits package or 'East', which is their most radio-friendly (and commercially successful) album...Red Grevilea

Codec: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kB/s
Size: 110  MB 
Genre : Classic Rock
Cover: Front


01.  Conversations 4.34 
02.  Merry-Go-Round 3.44 
03.  Dresden 3.58 
04.  Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) 2.51 
05.  Plaza 2.09 
06.  Shipping Steel 3.23 
07.  I'm Gonna Roll Ya 3.28 
08.  Showtime 3.45 
09.  Breakfast At Sweethearts 4.11 
10.  The Door 4.32 
11.  It Ain't Wrong (Bonus) 3.13 
12.  Mona And The Preacher (Bonus) 4.00 
13.  Metho Blues (Bonus) 7.07 

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