I start to re-upload all of them plus some new one now in January 2013. Every thing before that date as been deleted by the authority. Enjoy the music and if you like a band just buy it at your music store.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

WEATHER REPORT / weather report

Weather report

Bit rate 320 kps


1. Volcano For Hire

2. Current Affairs

3. N.Y.C. Part I - 41st Parallel

4. N.Y.C. Part II - The Dance

5. N.Y.C. Part III - Crazy About Jazz

6. Dara Factor I

7. When It Was Now

8. Speechless

9. Dara Factor II


* Josef Zawinul - Electric keyboards, piano, clay drum, drum computer, percussion, voice, horn, woodwind, string and brass sounds
* Wayne Shorter - Tenor and soprano saxophones
* Jaco Pastorius - Bass guitar, percussion, voice
* Peter Erskine - Drums, drum computer, claves
* Robert Thomas Jr. - Percussion


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