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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ROY BUCHANAN / P.B.S. Special 1971

P.B.S.Special 1971

Bit rate: avi

LINK: pbsspecial1971

1. After Hours
2. ? (Gospel tune)
3. Merle Haggard: Travellin' Blues (originally by (Country) Jimmie Rodgers)
4. Merle Haggard: I Love You You 1000 Ways
5. Johnny Otis: Sweet Home Chigago
6. Johnny Otis: Worried Life Blues
7. Roy Buchanan: ? Guitar instrumental ("farther along" ?)
8. Roy Buchanan: Misty
9. Roy Buchanan: ?
10. Roy Buchanan: Sweet Dreams
11. Roy Buchanan: Johnny B. Good
12. Roy Buchanan: Down By The River
13. Roy Buchanan: Roy's Bluz
14. Roy Buchanan: By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Jimmy Webb song, "done in the Glenn Campbell version")
15. Nils Lofgren & Roy Buchanan: Shotgun
16. Roy Buchanan: Messiah Will Come Again (no sound)

Tracks 1, 10-16: Roy Buchanan & Snakestretchers, live
at Soundstage, New York, USA 8.9.1971
Roy Buchanan: guitar, vocals
Dick Heintze: keyboards
Chuck Tilley: vocals, rhythm guitar
Pete Van Allen: bass guitar
Marc Fisher: percussio
Mike "Pokey" Walls or Ned Davis: drums
Nils Lofgren: guitar (only track 15)

Track 2: Roy Buchanan at Pentecostal church of God, Pixley, California, USA Summer 1971

Tracks 3-4: Merle Haggard and his Strangers (with Roy Buchanan): live at Pat and Charlies, Ridgecrest, Bakersfield, USA Summer 1971

Tracks 5-6: Johnny Otis (with Roy Buchanan): live at Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA Summer 1971

Tracks 7-8: Mundell Lowe (with Roy Buchanan): live at Donte's, West Hollywood, USA Summer 1971 


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