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Sunday, June 27, 2010

RODDUS / mind blowers

Mind blowers

Bit rate: 320 kps

LINK: mindblowers

After the mighty Uncut sampler, this latest affair is pretty miniscule by comparasion, but contains a group of songs that have really grabbed my attention over the last couple of months.I was recently reading the latest Led Zep bio "When Giants Walked The Earth" by Mick Wall and as I read through, I listened to each of their albums untill I got to "In Through The Out Door", which I have had for years but never really listened to it, as it was considered to be their weakest album. During this listen I got to rediscover the total brilliance of "All My Love", A song I know well from plenty of radio plays over the years, but with witch I had never really connected with intimately untill now. Another Highlight among this diverse and very cool group of songs is the truely great "Bulgeria" by the excellent It's A beautiful Day, Not to be missed. Along with a bit of blues, a touch of Jazz, a smidgen of Prog and plenty of 60s pop, there is plenty here to massage the ears pleasently. Enjoy Roddus.

01. Morton Gould - American Salute (4:29)
02. The Jolly Green Giants - Caught You Red Handed (2:11)
03. Sonny Boy Williamson, Hubert Sumlin - Sonny Boy Williamson, Hubert Sumlin (4:24)
04. Thomas A Edison Electric Band - The Name of the Game (2:32)
05. Brian Eno - Baby's on Fire (5:18)
06. Arlenes - Going to California (3:59)
07. Wiseblood - Someone Drowned In My Pool (7:33)
08. Lonesome Joseph - If You Love Me (4:57)
09. Lucifer's Friend - Baby You're A Liar (3:55)
10. Far East Family Band - River Of Soul (8:23)
11. Led Zeppelin - All My Love (5:55)
12. Electric Six - Gay Bar (2:20)
13. Carol Woods & Timothy T. Mitchum - Let It Be (3:48)
14. Pigeons & The Insane Porridgemakers - Triptych (4:49)
15. Babylon - Conception (3:03)
16. Art Pepper - Just Friends (5:32)
17. Dave Pike Set - Mathar (3:43)
18. Bob Boguslaw And The Way - Do the Math (5:55)
19. Joyride - The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine (3:03)
20. Geronimo - Highjack (2:59)
21. Mad John Fever - Breath and Thunder (4:27)
22. Sheb Wooley - The Love-In (2:17)
23. Orquestra Afro Brasileira - อndia (3:26)
24. Bappi Lahiri - Everybody Dance With Me (2:56)
25. It's A Beautiful Day - Bulgaria (6:13)


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