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Friday, June 18, 2010


Poemes rock

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01. La ballade de Serge K

02. Oublier

03. Tu m'as pas dit d'ou tu venais

04. T'en vas plus, t'en vas pas

05. Envie de l'eau

06. Comme un avion sans ailes

07. L'histoire du loup dans la bergerie

08. Longtemps, longtemps

09. Le chant de la colline

10. Comme si on y croiyait

11. Le fauteuil de cuir

This review is from: Poemes Rock (Audio CD)
Of all the albums i know from Charlelie Couture, this is one of my favourites (together with the albums Pochette and Quoi Faire?). The music could be described as being a mixture between many styles, influences from rock, blues can be detected and also some elements of jazz and French chanson. In my opinion, it is a real individual music that sometimes sounds even a little strange. I know people who don't like that but i adore it. That's also why i prefer his early recordings to the later ones where these real individual elements have become fewer and fewer.

The music alone is worth listening to this album but those who don't understand French at all will miss a lot as the lyrics are really good. There are serious songs like "La Ballade de Serge K" about a man that lives in the streets looking for a place to go or "Le Fauteuil En Cuir" about someone who sits at home in a state of depression waiting for something to get out of that mood. These songs are at the same time my favourite songs on this album, beautiful music and full of energy.

You find songs that deal with the relations between women and men like "Tu M'As Pas Dit D'Ou Tu Venais", "T'En Va Plus, T'En Va Pas", "Comme Un Avion Sans Aile" or "Longtemps, Longtemps". Some are ironical, some strange, some more serious.

And you'll find really funny songs like "L'Histoire Du Loup Dans La Bergerie", telling the story of a man that goes to a bar every friday to drink and to tell his favourite story. Of course this story changes according to the quantity of wine he has drunken...

If you are interested in the music of Charlelie Couture, this album might be a good starting point. Another good starting point among his early recordings could be "Pochette", also a beautiful album that is a little easier to listen to. If you look for something less strange, the album "Souvenirs Live" from 1993 might be a good choice. It contains a mixture of early (and not so early) songs in really good versions that even differ a lot from the original recordings.

Perhaps i should tell that i own almost all of his albums and really love his music a lot. So my comments might sometimes not be critical enough.


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