I start to re-upload all of them plus some new one now in January 2013. Every thing before that date as been deleted by the authority. Enjoy the music and if you like a band just buy it at your music store.

Monday, July 4, 2011

THE ABYSSINIANS / declaration of dub

Declaration of dub

Bit rate: 160kps

LINK: declarationofdub

Password: klotser

01. Declaration of Dub (new version)
02. Good Lord Dub
03. Zion I
04. Know Jah Dub
05. Dub Abendigo
06. Y Mas Gan Dub
07. Mediation In Dub
08. Thunderstorm (Satta Massagana Dub)
09. I and I Dub
10. African Dub
11. Mark Of the Dub
12. Peculiar Dub
13. Reasonable Dub
14. There Is No End


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