I start to re-upload all of them plus some new one now in January 2013. Every thing before that date as been deleted by the authority. Enjoy the music and if you like a band just buy it at your music store.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

BOB DYLAN / blood on the tracks

Blood on the tracks.1975

01.tangled up in blue
02.simple twit of fate
03.you're a big girl now
04.idiot wind
05.you are gonna make me lonesome when you go
06.meet me in the morning
07.Lily,Rosemary and Jack of hearts
08.if you see her,say hello
09.shelter from the storm
10.buckets of rain

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Crimhead420 said...

Thanks friend, I added your link to my blog as well.

Buns O'Plenty said...

nice job with the blog, i will add you to my blogroll as well

Willy said...

Thank you to add me.I will try to put some more story and music.