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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Where darkness doubles

Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: wheredarknessdoubles



This is the sophomore effort from the Prunes. I feel this was unjustly panned by the critics as it shows the group growing up in thier sound. They would go from a teenage wet dream set to the tone of a fuzz guitar to a more tight sound, and more introspective songs. The liner notes were written by Barbara Harris. I'm not sure if she's the one who was in the domineering mother comedy "Oh Dad...Poor Dad" with Johnathan Winters, but she was a fox in that movie. Anyway the songs range with "The Great Banana Hoax" has a more soul sound to it, and there's some punkish tunes like "Children Of Rain", and then there's the stabs at psychedelia with "Antique Doll", "I", and "Hideaway". There's also a novelty song released as a single called "Dr. Do Good". Unfortunately the Prunes fell in the box with a bunch of other groups written off as "One Hit Wonders". The only other tunes that saw the light of day were "Everybody Knows You're Not In Love" off the "Release Of An Oath" album, and "Kyrie Elliason" which wasn't heard until the movie "Easy Rider". It was a fickle audience and managers that killed the band. "Underground" was definitely underrated.

After reviewing Mass in F Minor, I happened upon the Collectors Choice reissue of Underground and sought to replace my old vinyl copy.

Listening to it again it is hard to understand how I let it out of my regular listening albums in the first place.

Psychedelia meets punk and what a combination. The album is drenched in guitar and organ effects, surreal lyrics and playing yet with a hard edge at times.

There are some great songs on this, a personal favourite being the weird, I, and a variety of styles.

Buy this album, listen to it on headphones, or if you have them those Sharper Image goggles. Play it LOUD, play it often, play it to your friends. Experience this album.

You will be glad you did.

Especially recommended to anyone interested in this era!


Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: underground

01 - The Great Banana Hoax.MP3

02 - Children of Rain.mp3

03 - Wind-Up Toys.mp3

04 - Antique Doll.mp3

05 - It's Not Fair.mp3

06 - I Happen To Love You.mp3

07 - Dr. Do-Good.mp3

08 - I.mp3

09 - Hideaway.mp3

10 - Big City.mp3

11 - Capt Glory.mp3

12 - Long Day's Flight.mp3

13 - Everybody Knows You're .mp3

14 - You Never Had It Better.mp3


PETER MURPHY / love hysteria

"Love Hysteria" is a great album defining the solo career of the ex-Bauhaus frontman. "All Night Long" is pure rapture, mystical and darkly romantic - the best song on the album and one of my faves of the decade. "Blind Sublime" is probably the most like a true pop song with a good beat and catchy hook. "My Last 2 Weeks" is an outright ballad showcasing his deep vocal mastery. "Indigo Eyes" is the perfect love song falling not far from the same tree as "All Night Long" but slightly more uplifting; let's say it this way... "Indigo Eyes" is a perfect love song when you're with someone and "All Night Long" is the perfect love song when you're alone. The remaining tracks are consistently good and carry the vibe, though they are less accessible in a pop sense.

Generally speaking, Love Hysteria is a great album with some tracks clearly being better than others. Is it his best? Arguably yes. While "Deep" is probably more consistent throughout, LH just seems more like the real Peter Murphy with no out-of-place moments. Why split hairs? Buy both and be happy that you did.

Love hysteria

Bit rate: wma

LINK: lovehysteria

01 All Night Long.wma

02 His Circle and Hers Meet.wma

03 Dragnet Drag.wma

04 Socrates the Python.wma

05 Indigo Eyes.wma

06 Time Has Got Nothing to Do With It.wma

07 Blind Sublime.wma

08 My Last Two Weeks.wma

09 Funtime.wma

10 I've Got a Minature Secret Camera.wma

11 Funtime [Cabaret Mix].wma


APOPTYGMA BERZERK / the apopcalyptic manifesto

I am a big fan of Apoptygma Berzerk. They are one of my personal favorite bands of all time (next to VNV Nation and KMFDM). I haven't been into the band for too long, maybe like a year or two. "Welcome to Earth" was my first Apop album. When I picked up "Welcome to Earth", I had mistaken Apocalyptica for Apoptygma Berzerk. What a happy mistake. I loved what I heard on "Welcome to Earth". The fusion of industrial beats with the sweet melodies of trance music was nothing that I heard of. Over time, I picked up "Harmonizer" and "7". I also started listening to fellow Metropolis mates VNV Nation, Icon of Coil, and Project Pitchfork. Next to VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk is my favorite band on Metropolis records. I recently came upon "Apopcalyptic Manifesto" on one of my excursions to my favorite record store. I came upon a large stash of cds by Clan of Xymox, Project Pitchfork, Convenant, and Apop's "Apopcalyptic Manifesto". I automatically grabbed the Apop cd without hesitation as well as cds by Clan of Xymox, Convenant, and Project Pitchfork. Although "Apopcalyptic Manifesto" is a compilation, most of the songs on this cd is new to me. In comparison to the other Apop cds I own, the music I heard on "Apopcalyptic Manifesto" is slightly more aggressive and experimental. I especially loved the instrumental "The Approach of Death". "All Tomorrows Parties" is perhaps my personal favorite song (w/vocals) on the cd. I enjoyed both versions of "Ashes to Ashes" a great deal. I can't pick which version I like more. Like my other Apop cds, I loved "Apopcalyptic Manifesto". I can't get enough of Apoptygma Berzerk.

The apopcalyptic manifesto

Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: theapopcalypticmanifesto

01. APB Goes C64 (Intro)

02. Deep Red.mp3

03. Bitch.mp3

04. Stitch.mp3

05. Spiritual Reality.mp3

06. Electronic Warfare.mp3

07. All Tomorrows Parties.mp3

08. ARP.mp3

09. Burnin' Heretic (Album version).mp3

10. Lidelsens Mening.mp3

11. Backdraft.mp3

12. Ashes to Ashes (German Slam version).mp3

13. The Approach of Death.mp3

14. Ashes to Ashes (Original 12' version).mp3

15. Wrack 'Em to Pieces.mp3

16. Burning Heretics (Crisp version).mp3


PETER MURPHY / holy smoke

After the success of Deep, Peter Murphy had the daunting task of following up a hit. So what did he do? He took a year off! Like all post-hit albums Holy Smoke was percieved as a let-down. I don't agree with this at all. The Anton Corbijn photo of a rather tired looking Murphy on the cover I think indicates the more honest sound of this album. It was to be the last to feature the Hundred Men as Murphy's backup band. This album basically has a bad rep, but just listen to the beautiful singing on 'Let Me Love You' or 'Secret Garden'. The entire band gets involved in the songwriting on the final track 'Hit Song' which I think could have been just that had it been realeased as a single. The record label opted to release the far less commercial 'Sweetest Drop' instead. Don't listen to the naysayers about this album. Listen to the incredible songs for yourself.

Being a huge fan of Mr. Murphy's work in any arrangement, (I do think he musically progressed after Bauhaus, however) I was a little wary of his follow up to his masterpiece "Deep". I heard that his inspiration was wraught out from the previous album and that his new effort was forced and dull.

Finding it for a good price, I decided to give it a chance. I couldn't believe how aggressive, hypnotic and dark "Holy Smoke" proved to be. It hits hard in songs like "Kill the Hate" and "Low Room", but flows naturally in hauntingly beautiful love songs like "Let Me Love You", "Our Secret Garden" and "The Sweetest Drop". He starts to show an evolution into Turkish musical influence (which is explored further on "Dust" as Murphy made a spiritual move into Suficism) in the explosive opening track, "Keep Me From Harm". This album showcases an artist in the dawn of transformation and features work that is on par with Murphy's best.

Where "Deep" masterfully explored an empty, vacant stretch of socialite wasteland, Murphy didn't let "Holy Smoke" live in its
shadow. There are a few references to "Deep", (see "Hit Song"'s lyrics "Walking down the street/breath the only friend" or "Keep Me From Harm"'s lyrics "Dug into that vast heart") but "Holy Smoke" feels more like a love submerssed in a blue ocean of lost, forgotten dreams.

Don't be steered wrong. "Holy Smoke" is a great part of Murphy's discography.

Holy smoke

Bit rate: wma

LINK: holysmoke

01 Keep Me from Harm

02 Kill the Hate

03 You're So Close

04 The Sweetest Drop

05 Low Room

06 Let Me Love You

07 Our Secret Garden

08 Dream Gone By

09 Hit Song

10 [Untitled Hidden Track]


PETER MURPHY / should the world fail to fall apart

In his first solo effort (if you don't count Dalis Car), Peter walked away with a slightly disconnected, but powerful freshman effort. What I mean by disconnected is that the overall flow of the songs does not work together as well as later albums. Maybe part of it was his newly found freedom, the other thing could be the nature of his writing/performing relationship with Howard Hughes. Peter went on to find much more success on this front when working with Paul Statham.

Don't get me wrong -- there are some masterful songs on this album, including 'Canvas Beauty', a cover of Pere Ubu's 'Final Solution', and my personal fave, the majestic 'God Sends'. Also of note is the wonderful b-side, 'Tale of the Tongue' which is well worth tracking down. But the album is just a warm up to his two best albums, 'Love Hysteria' (my favorite) and the crowd-pleaser 'Deep', where the connections between singer, songwriter, and musical-deity tend to blur.

Should the world fail to fall apart

Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: shouldtheworldfail

01 - Canvas Beauty - (Romance Version)

02 - Light Pours Out of Me

03 - Confessions

04 - Should the World Fail to Fall Apart

05 - Never Man

06 - God sends

07 - Blue Heart

08 - Answer Is Clear

09 - Final Solution

10 Jemal


PETER MURPHY / cascade

I have been a Peter Murphy fan for a long time and have always considered him to be my favorite artist of all time. "Deep" was at the top of my list till I acquired "Cascade". It further solidified why I enjoy this man's music so much. The CD opens with two of strongest tracks in "Mirror to my woman's mind" and the infectious "Subway". "I fall with your knife" may be Peter Murphy's best song to date as it stirs your insides with his strong vocals. The CD closes with the hauntingly powerful "Cascade" which whisks you away to another place. I am in total agreement with a previous reviewer...play it loud!! If your new to Peter Murphy, get Cascade. You won't be sorry.

Cascade is an album of mostly mid-tempo ballads. Mirror To My Woman's Mind and Subway are pleasant enough but they don't really stick in the mind. Gliding Like A Whale has a stronger melody and evocative synthesizer where the vocals take interesting twists and turns to lift the track above the average.

The chugging beat and prominent guitar of Disappearing gives this song more of a rock feel, while Mercy Rain is a mellow ballad and I'll Fall With Your Knife is a meandering number with atmospheric instrumentation. The tempo picks up for The Scarlet Thing In You, a passionate love song with great imagery that almost, but not quite merits a place amongst his great songs.

Wild Birds Flock To Me has a complex arrangement and interesting tempo changes, but Huuvola is the real gem of this album. At last his divine voice gets to shine on a great melody line and a delicious blend of instruments for an eerie, transcendent feel. The title track has a spoken vocal introduction and a weird instrumental mix to make it quite an experimental and unusual arrangement

I am a great fan of Murphy's but Cascade doesn't leave a strong impression. The problem might be the absence of memorable tunes and catchy hooks. With the exception of Huuvola, none of the tracks here match his greatest songs like Indigo Eyes, Canvas Beauty or Time Has Nothing To Do With It.


Bit rate: wma

LINK: cascade

1. Mirror To My Woman's Mind

2. Subway

3. Gliding Like A Whale

4. Disappearing

5. Mercy Rain

6. I'll Fall With Your Knife

7. The Scarlet Thing In You

8. Sails Wave Goodbye

9. Wild Birds Flock To Me

10. Huuvola

11. Cascade


Sunday, May 16, 2010

DAVID BYRNE / David Byrne

David Byrne

Bit rate: 192 kps

LINK: Davidbyrne

01-A Long Time Ago



04-A Self-Made Man

05-Back in the Box

06-San Song

07-Nothing at All

08-My Love is you

09-Lilies of the Valley

10-You & Eye

11-Strange Ritual

12-Buck Naked


DAVID BYRNE / the forest


When this album first came out, the CD at the record store had a bright orange sticker with black text on it that said, "WARNING: CONTAINS ORCHESTRAL MUSIC" on the cover. Indeed it does.

While not a complete depature from what is expected from David Byrne (he's done several orchestral pieces), this album was a total shock to every David Byrne fan I knew at the time I'd gotten it the first time. And like another reviewer, not everyone of them liked it. To me, it's such an emotional album. It takes you on a ride from a quiet cello that drips with emotion to hammering percussion that rises into a fervor. It reminds me of performance art. I remember my best friend doing this spastic, gyrating tribal-like dance to a number of the tracks.

Do yourself a favour, listen to the track samples and see if they elicit a positive or a negative response. This is not a David Byrne album that appeals to the masses. You'll either feel the music move you or you won't. I lost this CD while moving to a new house a few years back and I didn't know how much I missed it till I received it today and listened to it again for the first time in years. It brought back a lot of great memories of friends that I haven't seen for a long time. I love this album.

David Byrne's The Forest is not your common CD from a pop artist. It was recorded in 3 studios, 1 in Berlin and 2 in CA. There are 10 movements in the orchestral excursion. It seems to compare and contrast modernt technology and mechanization with early and primitive culture. The most of the vocals on the CD are used at vocal instruments and the only english language used is in "Dura Europus". He develops the movements from instrumental to vocal and back with great ease and versatility. The orchestration of the album is quite a feat. Using traditional intruments from a modern western orchestra he evokes feelings and power. This is not an album to be dissappointed in. A few movements, to me, are lacking in structure, but maybe thats what it is all about. "6. Ava" has a developement like no other ive seen. From the lone Cello in the beginning to the warm fullness of the orchestra. Then the male soloist on top of that. Eventually reaching a percussive area concluding with a chorus.

An album like this is not to be missed.

I love this. I have always liked Mr. Byrne's music but the scope and realization of this work is astounding. Deeply profound & different. Like nothing else I've ever heard. A masterpiece.

The forest

Bit rate: 160 kps

LINK: theforest

01 - Ur

02 - Kish

03 - Dura Europus

04 - Nineveh

05 - Ava

06 - Machu Picchu

07 - Teotihuacan

08 - Asuka

09 -Samara

10 - Tula


Saturday, May 15, 2010

TRENT REZNOR & PETER MURPHY / bauhaus radio sessions

Bauhaus radio sessions

Bit rate: 120 kps

LINK: bauhausradiosessions

01 - intro 99x

02 - head like a hole (originally by nine inch nails)

03 - sanity assassin (originally by bauhaus)

04 - hurt (originally by nine inch nails)

05 - outro 99x

06 - intro dc101

07 - dreams (originally by tv on the radio)

08 - final solution (originally by pere ubu)

09 - bela lugosi's dead (originally by bauhaus)

10 - intro waaf

11 - reptile (originally by nine inch nails)

12 - warm leatherette (originally by the normal)

13 - strange kind of love (originally by peter murphy)

14 - night clubbing (originally by iggy pop)

15 - outro waa

17 - dead souls (originally by joy division)

18 - twenty four hours (originally by joy division)

19 - warsaw (originally by joy division)

20 - atmosphere (originally by joy division)


GROUP INERANE / guitars from Agadez

Guitars from Agadez

bit rate: 320 kps

LINK: guitars

1 Kuni Majagani

2 Awal September

3 Ano Nagarus

4 Tenerte

5 Nadan Al Kazawnin

6 Telilite

7 Tenere Etran

8 Ikab Kabau

9 Ashal Wali Tigeli

10 Kamu Talyat


PETER MURPHY / all night long


All night long

Bit rate: 320 kps

LINK: allnightlong



Monday, May 3, 2010



Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: deep

01 deep ocean vast sea 4.07

02 Shy 4.33

03 Crystal wrist 4.07

04 Marlene Dietrich's favorite poem 5.18

05 Seven veils 5.54

06 the live between the devil's teeth....5.34

07 Cuts you up 5.24

08 A strange kind of love 3.45

09 Roll call 6.32

10 Roll call (reprise 8.20)

11 A strange kind of love 5.19


PETER MURPHY / alive just for love

Alive just for love

Bit rate: 128 kps

LINK: alivejustforlove

01. Cool Cool Breeze
02. All Night Long
03. Keep Me From Harm
04. Indigo Eyes
05. Subway
06. I'll Fall With Your Knife
07. Marlene Dietrich's Favorite Poem
08. A Strange Kind of Love
09. My Last Two Weeks
10. Big Love of a Tiny Fool
11. Gliding Like a Whale
12. Cuts You Up
13. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
14. All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
15. Hope (midnight proprosal)
16. Love Me Tender


Sunday, May 2, 2010



Bit rate:320 kps

LINK: dust

01. Things to Remember.mp3

02. Fare Sparkle or Golden Dust.mp3

03. No home without its Sire.mp3

04. Just for love.mp3

05. Girlchild Aglow.mp3

06. Your Face.mp3

07. Jungle Haze.mp3

08. My last Two Weeks.mp3

09. Subway (Epilogue).mp3


BOB DYLAN W/ TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS / true confessions for Carol

True confessions for Carol

Bit rate: 320 kps

LINK: trueconfessionsforcarol


Disc 1
01. Justine
02. Positively 4th Street
03. Clean Cut Kid
04. I'll Remember You
05. Trust Yourself
06. That Lucky Old Sun
07. Masters of War
08. Bye Bye Johnny [Petty]
09. Straight Into Darkness (Listed as Breakdown)[Petty]
10. Hard Rain (acoustic - Dylan solo)
11. Girl Of the North Country (acoustic - Dylan solo)
12. It's Alright, Ma (acoustic - Dylan solo)
13. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (Null)
14. Just Like a Woman
15. I'm Moving On (Hank Snow)
16. Lenny Bruce

Disc 2
01. When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky
02. Lonesome Town
03. Ballad of a Thin Man
04. Rock-n-Roll Star [Petty]
05. Refugee [Petty]
06. Rainy Day Women
07. Seeing the Real You at Last
08. Across the Borderline (Cooder/Hiatt)
09. I and I
10. Like a Rolling Stone
11. In the Garden
12. Blowin' in the Wind
13. Uranium Rock (Warren Smith)
14. Knockin' On Heaven's Door